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E3 2009: TenTonHammer video interview

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

game is still in pre-alpha but approaching alpha soon

At E3 2009, Ten Ton Hammer's Garrett Fuller got another chance to chat with developer Jens Anderson who talked in-depth about the state of the game and gave the team a nice demo run.

Highlights of this video include an encounter with Solomon Grundy, Bizzarro Superman, Joker, Harlequin, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and a few more.


  • ElikalElikal Member UncommonPosts: 7,912

    The graphics looks sharper than CO, but the combat of DCU still looks awful to me. I dont know what they all are so excited about. I hope it gets overworked with MUCH better animations.

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  • hellsboomhellsboom Member Posts: 4

    woa!!! cool! it like playing a PS, Wii or Xbox... but converted to PC games... the game play is cool but the graphics is a little bit not too good... lol... i like when the hero picking up the items and smash to the opponents.. hehehe... nice!

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