De-Installed after 5 Minutes

GoromhirGoromhir portland, ORMember UncommonPosts: 435

I couldnt find the settings for the Screen Resolution, i had a Split 1024x768 Screen.

Options Menu ?? Where ??

5 minutes should be long enough to search for an OPTIONs menu or ?

From what i saw after creating the childish toon with no possibilities to change anything but TYPE > A B C D E F it was best i couldnt find the OPTIONs Menu...






Seems all the "gPOTATOE" games have the same low quality standards.. good for poor people...



  • praymespraymes VarnaMember UncommonPosts: 27


    Face the truth

  • joufesjoufes Brandon, FLMember Posts: 59

    you again... lol you dont like any games i bet. your pissed that you need to click to do things in rappelz and now ur hunting corum... XD im not even gonna bother defending the game since you dont even bother to play the game for more than 3 days.

    I can't understand why its so hard for people to READ and UNDERSTAND what they read.

  • acerpg007acerpg007 Milwaukee, WIMember Posts: 164

    Hahaha... you guys are really funny, every game you make the game bad. you search every bad aspect of the game and neglecting the part where you just have fun.. hehehe

    “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting." - Sun Tzu, Art of War

  • MalurekMalurek baltimore, MDMember Posts: 7

    because its so easy to be negative.

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