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Game list

LilianeLiliane Member Posts: 591

I would like to suggest very small change.

In you game list page there is color coding, based is the game in development, in beta or released. This is fine, but I would Like you to change it so that it's only in the front of name of games, then create new color coding in raiting/hype values.

Red under 7.0

Blue between 7.0-8.0

Yellow above 8.0

It would make alot easyer to find the more polular games. When You can spot them directly from the color of rating/hype bar.

Also, if You select example released, you would actually see fast what's good and bad. The color code in the state of the game isn't that usefull, when there is seperated selection for it too.

MMORPG.COM has worst forum editor ever exists

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