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Blogs report button

AnnwynAnnwyn Member UncommonPosts: 2,854

I recently realised that the blog section is slowly being raided by a bunch of gold sellers and that really bothers me. We can "bury" it but what does it really do? Meh. The simple fact that they copy-paste blogs of random bloggers and put them as their own, adding their link to the gold selling website and leaves no credits to the real author of the blog really annoys me.

Best suggestion would be to create a report button. Basically, Youtube's Flag System. You press flag, enter the reason why this blog is not "ok" and the blog will be reviewed by a moderator (or someone else). The user who get's his blog remove will also receive a warning. There will be no second chance meaning that the moment he post another gold selling blog, his account will be banned.

Obviously they will just do more account but that happens everywhere anyway. Might at least discourage them.

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