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Rappelz Epic VI: Navislamia Review

Winged_EdgeWinged_Edge Member Posts: 1

This review is about the changes of epic 6 in Rappelz and not the game overall.

Epic 6 brought many changes to Rappelz, some bigger than others. It might be possible that i forget or skip a chage and i apologize in advance.

One of the bigger changes was the new UI (User Interface). The new interface took all of the F1- F12 controls and turned them into regular numbers. With this, it also got rid of the bar for the pet skills. It added a LARGE menu button and allows you to have all 4 bars (shift, ctrl, alt and normal 1 - =) on the screen at the same time. I found this to be qute helpful because since the movement in the game is point and click you can easilly also click on the skill sometimes quicker than remembering a key. The new interface also allows you to customize the skills to desired buttons giving an overall larger number of possible hot keys. Additionally the chat application is now activated by pressing enter and although this solves the problem of hotkeys being assigned to letters and numbers, while one is in "chat mode" all of your hotkeys are useless.

Another change to Rappelz is the Moral points system. Simply put, players can recieve rewards for high morallity. The problem with this was that the amount of morality recieved per donation was decreased and some people with 5 or 6 bars of morallity saw them reduced to one. Additionally, i could not seem to find an indication of my total moral points in numbers. And the moral points recieved for donations (indicated on the altar itself) seemed reset to 0. The Altar does look alot cooler though.

A third change was the addition of 3 new pets. The wolf (tier 2, Yeti, etc), the Harpy (tier 3, Salamander, etc. uncommon) and the Knoll (tier 4, rare, angel, etc). The wolf, somewhat similiar to the skeleton, speciallizes in evasion and agility. This pet however does not seem located outside of the trainees Island(beginner) and the Veiled Islands (R5+/ higher than lvl 100) this hard for anyone in between to directly obtain one and must buy it at the mercy of others. The harpy is a pet that focuses on raged attacks and ideal for hunters and archers but is difficult to obtain simply due to being on the same level as the hawk and salamander. it is presumed to drop from any harpy and adittionally from new harpy monsters added to Marduka (lvl 120+). The last pet added is the Knoll which seems to be the perfect companion for a Shield user, mainly the Knight, for its shield and block skiils. Ths pet is rare and aside from the Southern crystal valley (r6 and r7) is located in a small 30-40 level colony in north lasky, as to how often you will get a card from a moster of that level, i could not tell you.

The trainees island has been redone to a level where it is actually cool. Aside from the eye candy of the new main city, a dungeon and new quests have been added. The only drawback of its completel awesomeness is that it remains a low level location and players will quickly be too high to stay in it for long. The Dungron does however have an interesting design of different levels and new monsters inside.

There are changes in the drops and drop rate and new quests for levels 120 -170. There is not much i can say as to this because i do not have a character at said level yet.

Overall the epic seems to have some nice and interesting chages but largely focused on new players and those who have been playing for a very long time. This can however contain a problem due to the lack of options for players in between r3 and r6 besides continuous dungeon grinding which might result in loss of interest before reaching the higher levels.

That is all i have to say. Good luck and happy Rappelz-ing, lol.


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