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The Dragoon Brotherhood - EU



My name is TheHidden01, for three years I have commanded the greatest of men. These men have shone above all others, and achieved that which is rarely in MMOs... immortality.


For the past few years, we have battered our enemies, lead our allies, commanded our fates, conquered great dungeons, commanded great events. We have done everything that you know about this world, and more. Unfortunately, I cannot delve into what a Dragoon is, three years will do that. All I can say, is that men have followed me for almost as long, they have come with me and sided with me. To know of such loyalty is humbling, and this is what I offer, excellence, and a community unlike any other.


If this has enticed you, contact me on Defiant, ingame name TheHidden01. If you would like to learn more, you can find us at:-


I await your coming.



The Dragoon King;
Play as One

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