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Forsaken Gods - Open to all High Houses! (US/EU Deiquonril PvP)

As you're reading these forums, you probably ran into some of our members - or maybe met some on our server - and now you're craving for more. Well, your call shall be answered!
So what is Forsaken Gods?
While we as a guild have been active on Deiquonril (Int PVP) since the official release of Spellborn, our actual Spellborn history dates back way longer. Many of our senior and core members have participated in the very early European closed beta stages and thereby both shown their love for the game as well as helped to shape its current path.
But on the other hand we're far from old and stale. We're actively looking to renew ourselves as the game develops, while maintaining a solid base in both members and guild identity. Beyond that we're on the very front of the Spellborn action - conquering new content, prevailing in PvP and community work are all there.

What do you need to join Forsaken Gods? What can you expect from Forsaken Gods?
Well, that's actually two sides of the same coin, as our guild becomes alive by our active members... So here we go:

  • Of course we expect you to act in a mature and reasonable manner. Even though we're on PvP server there's no need to get personal and nasty.
  • You seek to join an active guild and participate in it - if you're just looking for a global chat / help channel, you're wrong. We also consist of people with long commitment to the game and the guild, and we expect the same from you - so random passers-by are not welcome.
  • We seek to be an active community and to be active in the community. That means we constantly have action together as well organising events on the server, making videos, helping on the forums and other things. We want members who take part in that and also get active to find their own niche of contribution.
  • To join you must have joined a High House - we are open to all High Houses, but are dominantly Silver. If you have not joined a High House yet you can still make contact to find a personal tutor to help you find one in the game.
  • We want our members to be active. That does not mean that you need to be online for a certain amount of time each week, but we want to see you around and also take part in active guild life. We also expect to regularly read our internal forum.
  • We provide a Ventrillo server, which we also expect you to use. Even if you do not have a microphone to talk with, we would still like you to log in to listen, as you may miss important information if you are not there.
  • If you join us you do so because you want to compete at the top. That does not mean you are already the best or that you ever need to be the best - but you're willing to actively try and to learn as you go where needed.
To get in touch with us you can talk to any of our members you come across. If you don't happen to come by one, you can try to whisper Oqan, Flurry, Nightcrawler, Rainfall, Gorp, or ViciousPulse. Another good way is to visit our guild forum.
We come from the EU Forsaken Gods and are directly tied in with them. I, Oqan, started playing there and migrated here as the game became available. If you are interested in joining on the EU PvP server, please contact G'Teku or any other member for info.
Please visit our website for more information, or to submit an application for membership: Forsaken-Gods.com
Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
- Oqan
(Leader of Forsaken Gods - US)
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