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A bit of news about Square Enix's "Rapture"

MustaphaMondMustaphaMond Member UncommonPosts: 341

I'm dying to hear some news about "Rapture" when E3 hits...  Here's a little recent information, pretty much just copied from the articles below... but, hopefully, it helps some of us hold on until Tuesday finally arrives:


+ The new MMO will come out on PS3 and PC first, then a later XBOX 360 release.


+ SE is making a point of referring to "Rapture" as an "MMO" rather than an "MMORPG" (there's no explanation on why, though the Gameplayer write up supposes it might mean something might be quite different about the title..... all I know is that it makes me uncomfortable).


+ SE confirmed it will discuss it's three newest games (though it refuses to confirm they are Dissidia, FFXIII, and a New Kingdom Hearts) AND will unveil "Rapture" at the Sony Press Conference on this Tuesday (June 2nd).





  • Shiva_ShadowShiva_Shadow Member Posts: 216

    Just my opinion, it might be because most 'mmorpg's' don't a whole lot of 'rp' if you think about it.  Rp, is after all supposed to be 'Role playing' the taking one of another personality and history.  Most of the MMO's I've played have been hack and slash games with other people using their rl personalities doing the same kind of hack and slash.

    Maybe they are just acknowledging the fact that 'rpg' used for console games with a storyline has been bastardized for use of all games where a person uses an Avatar to interact with an alien world.

  • MustaphaMondMustaphaMond Member UncommonPosts: 341

    Yeah, I get what you mean and I agree.  I just think it's a tad sad/strange, as some of my best gaming memories are my limited interactions with some true blue RP'ers when I first played UO.  It took the whole idea of gaming, and playing an MMO, to another world for me.  I haven't seen it in any of the games I've played either, minus some small exceptions, so I understand why they'd only go with "MMO."  Still, it's too bad when one of the companies with the best/longest pedigrees for making RPG's will abandon that aspect of the gaming experience when creating an online world.


    I still think the game will rock and look forward to playing it, I just find it ironic that RPing has little to do with the experience... especially given this website's moniker... ;^_^

  • pencilrickpencilrick Member Posts: 1,550

    I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing "Rapture" might be Final Fantasy XIV.  But don't take my word for it.

  • TinjelTinjel Member Posts: 24

    That'd be my best guess too.

  • pencilrickpencilrick Member Posts: 1,550
    Originally posted by Tinjel

    That'd be my best guess too.


    Let's hope we're both right.  We ought to win a prize if we are.

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