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RhoDawgRhoDawg Member UncommonPosts: 34

I love the game, I have been playing for more than 1 year and thatis a miricle for me. Ive tried other MMORPGS...and I will say Dark Age is One of the best. They hardest part is the first 40 or so hours you put into the game, learning it. But once you get in a good guild or good group of friends and start to do some exploring you will see how great the game is.



ps you can be like more than one game...don't hate on one cuz you love another


  • PremetheasPremetheas Member Posts: 4

    Last guy who posted never got this experieince

    "OK lets go"

    *zerg/dead /release*

    umm ok try again

    *zerg/dead /release*

    after about 2 hours worth of playing and about 10 deaths later he realizes that he only ever saw 10 whole seconds worth of battle put together cuzz the pvp in that game sucks. 

    and now the final kicker i don't think there is any mmorpg worth playing right now out there cuzz all of them all some drastic balance/curroption flaw in them mkaing all except maybe the most current ones like swg uselless.



  • odinwiseodinwise Member Posts: 79

    lol, some of you people are just having bad luck in this game.  Not too long ago, I went out RvRing and kicked ass for 8 hours.  I died a few times, but that happens.  It all depends on the number of people on each side, what level they are, and more or less how they are specced within their class.  If it's a losing battle, of course you're going to die.  I'm in the end game of Dark Age....and while it gets a bit slower at the end, I do admit, I still have a lot of fun.  RvRing is TONS of fun.  I have yet to experience a better PvP system.  EQ pvp sucked...AO was decent...AC2 was horrible, shadowbane can kiss my ass...DAoC's pvp style is original within the 3D mmorpgs.  I dunno about you guys, but sieging keeps is fun to me ;)  Also, they are doing their best to keep the game balanced...that takes a LOT of time and never can truley be accomplished.

    I guess the game isn't for everyone. :/

  • PremetheasPremetheas Member Posts: 4

    A: You kicked ass for eight almost entierly cuss of larger numbers or stronger classes (your not supposed too win that much for so long like that according too mythic).

    B: it is possible too balance the classes other mmorpg's have done it and being a number cruncher myself i have already balanced them and figured out just how gay and stupid mythic is.

    C: if winning the battle was dependant upon leadership skills and not class balancing or how you spec (like it should be) the game would have better pvp than all those games you listed cuss it would be BALANCED then

    D: it's not bad luck. i tried too win in rvr for a month and never could yet i kept hearing about other pallys rocking the mid and hibs yet i never could. Which is completly bogus cuss when i switched servers too play midgaurd i was handing the albions there own hearts.

    E: i love daoc i thought it was the best mmorpg out there until i started PAYING ATTENTION too what mythic was doing and the balancing act they where doing too players and pvp and gruoping (to which they forced all of there third shift players away by making it mandatory too play a necro [or other red soloing classes] to get too fifty screwing those of us who didn't like necros, and could never find a gruop cuss of the only time i could play cuss of life style)

    F: your a frist shifter playing during peak hours i garantee it just as much as i garantee your mentally challanged.



  • VindvalyaVindvalya Member Posts: 115

    DAoC is better then most MMORPG out ther right now, but the complaints are not unfounded.

    I am in the category that believes DAoC is an alright game that could be a lot better. 

    One problem that DAoC has is the same that most MMORPG have and that is the Treadmill.

    Many of the problems come from the attitude towards the treadmill in DAoC.  People are so focused on maxing exp that they are unwilling to venture out and explore so the game gets repetitive cause you kill the same monsters too much. 

    The Realm idea was ok but it made balance issues that much more of an issue. 

    But seperate areas for PvP is the mainstream way to go now. Period. Games like SB will morph into games more like Planetside or will have a seperate PvE area. 

    Anyone that says DAoC is the worst probably just had a very bad experience with the game but that is not the norm.  It is rated high for a reason.

  • VindvalyaVindvalya Member Posts: 115
    PS the Battle grounds ROCK.  Smaller scale PvP. battles last longer and go back and forth more then they do in level 50 RvR.  Being able to rez the dead fast actually matters.

  • PremetheasPremetheas Member Posts: 4

    yeah if you got others who will even play with you which only happens when your side doesn't own the ck.

    And as for the guy who said that people with bad experinces are the ones hating the game THEN WHY ARE ALL THE OLD PLAYERS LEAVING?



  • GalootGaloot Member Posts: 177

    Over-rated? Nah

    It may not appeal to you but by no means is it over-rated.

    It is actually a well rounded game. wether or not you like it is another matter.

    Now over-rated? hmmmm I think SWG comes to mind.

  • madnessmageemadnessmagee Member Posts: 69
    Yeah SWG is the perfect example of over-rated. I played from beta till couple weeks into release and I can say its like any other mmorpg except for the Star Wars theme tied to it. It is fun for a little while but you soon realize its not what it was thought to be.

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  • ClownClown Member Posts: 71
    It's pretty ignorant when someone realises they do not like a certain game for what ever reason then feels free to absolutely try to bash anyone elses opinion as to why they like the game. You don't have to like it, you don't have to play it. Your opinion isn't representative of the player base, obviously, if everyone hated the game as you do then no one would be playing it. Respect other peoples opinions. In regards to DAoC the game has obviouse flaws and balance issues for sure but for alot of people it is still fun, i just canceled my account this morning.

    This was a generalization, not directed necessarily at anyone.

  • livelyclivelyc Member Posts: 110
    im not going to bash people here because i believe all are entitled to there own oppinion , I played doac to lvl 22 , so i dont know everything about the game but i saw the upper level hunting areas as well and this is where daoc falls short of other mmorpg . MONSTERS I have never seen so many of the same monsters just called a different name in any other game ! i mean they just make them biggwer ,there is no reason to strive to become higher level cause there is nothing cool to kill other than each other which is why everyone only plays the game to play rvr , if daoc had more monsters UNIQUE monsters .... not like elephants ....and like skeletons , and like foxes , and lynx ...and crabs and deer ... I mean i would give it another shot , but if in real life i wanted to kill a deer i could , but the point of an mmorpg is for it not to be like rl ! lol these are my oppinions and i hope u dont bash the shit outta me for it lol , The one area this game excelled was crafting system , great system for that  but the fact that u had to join a diff server to play another realm was soooo dumb i mean u shioul be able to play on any realm on your server not just one .  ook thats it  oh except for  nerfing everyone was always complaining about being nerfed and stuff and it seemed that they went to extremes to make all classes equal and it seemed like there was always something to nerf no matter what  that was a poor idea all that nerfing

    This message has been brought to u by Death, the fulltime sponsor of the lively cadaver

    This message has been brought to u by Death, the fulltime sponsor of the lively cadaver

  • EblisEblis Member Posts: 14

    DAOC is dying, I had to switch guilds cause all of mine left to swg. Or people got fed up with it and left.

    Heres why, Mythics whole business model has been based on getting people to roll new characters. If youll take the time to review there patch notes on the herald you will notice they nerf one class and make another one goldy all in the same patch. Which forces people to roll new toons to stay competitive.

    The balancing in the game sucks, it is absolutely terrible, look at the previous paragraph to figure out why.

    Buffbots, arggghh. Right now a serious problem in the game are buffbots. Mythic wont do nothing baout them cause its lining there wallets, people have went as far as to request a different server to get away from it but they wont do it. No one wants to fight 2 people at a time and thats what buffbots cause.

    Content, ive seen several interviews/articles where Mythic claims they release new content all the time, in 2 years of playing this game ive seen 2 new dungeons. 1 is never played in, the other is so so ok. But good grief, I was under the impression that the money i payed out each month was so i could have new content/items/whatever at least bimonthly, hell id take trimonthly. All we ever get are nerfs or mass class inbalancing. (im serious if you want a game that gives you something for your money avoid this one like the plague)

    They use to listen to there customers and I have given them 2 years to get there crap together but the bs in that game is just insane. They lie, they allow cheating(buffbots) and they dont listen to there customers anymore.

    I could literally go on for hours, I could compare classes, paste logs, paste patch notes.

    The game is good for the first 15-20 hours. then it gets stale and you start seeing the true nature of the beast.(mythic)



  • ClownClown Member Posts: 71
    that the #1 reason i left, boffbots pissed me off to hell. it's freaking rediculous for an assasin to be able to beat 3 people silly at the same time because he is packed full of buffs and the assasin only being rr3 ... the worst thing about buffbots was mythics stand point on them "well, we're not fond of them, but we like the extra money so if you don't like it feel free to leave" i will indeed agree DAoC is dying and it is entirely mythics fault with their bogus "balancing"

  • jeep21243jeep21243 Member Posts: 178

    i dont think that DAoC is dying, though i think the writing is on the wall... 

    the game is entirely centered around PvP which is never balanced... so whats really the point of playing the game when there will always be one class that is nerfed and one that is sweet (aka the FOVM [flavor of the month] classes).

     the simple fact alone that this game has absolutely ZERO underlying plot other than "team" play to get/keep the relics, which, when you get right down to it is nothing but a pissing contest since the relics dont really do shit anyways (and yes i am aware of the 10% bonus per relic, however ive played on servers/realms will all the relics, and the on others where there were none, and seriously, despite what mythic says they do shit).  The games quests are totally pointless, and often are 96% travel, and on no quest, even the epic ones does it require you to pay attention to what the quest actually is about. 

    The "epic" armor is trash, furthering the fact that the game is nothing than a level treadmill to get to 50 to go fight the "enemy" in a struggle... wait its not really a struggle... more of a pointless contest, to get the relics. 

    To further the game you get those select few people who think they run everything.. weve all encountered these people, the alliance leaders and all that other BS who think because they are 15/16 years old and are rank 0 in a guild they are god...  its stupid folks..

    If you are really looking for a game with some serious content go play SWG, its awesome, and litterally has something for everyone, and im not joking about that.... you can be a proffesional tailor and actually have FUN becoming one unlike DAoC's uber expensive ultra LAME crafting system...

    and yes, i have the same grievances as everyone else with mythic, they had a good idea, and have made some serious bank on it, but they lack any kind of mission or goal... you can clearly see that they have no intention to ask add any serious degree of gameplay outside that silly realm v realm combat and have no way to employ new features within the game since they had such a limited scope of gameplay to begin with.

    Let me get this right: The dragons breath knocks you over the 300' cliff onto the jagged rocks below and you want a saving throw?

  • ClownClown Member Posts: 71
    yes, spellcrafting completely made owning a relic pointless

  • TinyTiny Member Posts: 31

    Maybe most of you are right and the RvR is unbalanced, but its fun and thats what its all about. And actually I think its the best mmorpg at the mom.

    Live by the sword - Die by the sword

    Live by the sword - Die by the sword

  • PravusPravus Member Posts: 34

    It probably is the best MMORPG out right now, but give SWG 6 months and it won't be.  Or let some of the others start being released and you'll see DAOC just slowly die.  SWG really hurt their subscription #'s.  hint WoW Lineage 2 EQ2 FF11 Horizons

    I have to agree that Mythic really hurt the game with Buffbots and that junk.  I can't stand it....can't stand it so much I had to get me one just to compete.  I don't really see what's so fun about Zerg vs Zerg, if I wanted that I'd reload starcraft.  All the stealthers travel in packs now so its stealth zerg vs stealth zerg (given its usually only 2-3 each :) ) Pointless game if you ask me.  What's even worse they REFUSE to do anything about buffbots because if they did they would lose probably 1/4 or MORE of their subscription base EASILY.

    Ask yourself...whats the endgame...its RvR right?  Take the keeps right?  ok....for what?  So you can stick a guild banner on a keep and get bombarded with messages that your guards are dying?  Take a relic??  For what?  You honestly think it helps THAT much?  ie spellcrafting.  Craft?  Holy cow what a bore.  So I have me a few what...log on craft and craft some more.....hmm for what?  OO OO I know lets take DF so we can farm what?

    I know i'll /level my char on a server and create a insta lvl 30 char and go to Cale....hmmm for what?  OR!!! i'll head in and make a complete new char and level him up to 50....again....for what?  What keeps people playing this game? 

    It's a decent game, don't get me wrong, just a complete bore after a few months and you accomplish everything there is in the game.  lvl 50, legendary crafter, (guild house/personal house NOW after what almost 2 years in release) ...and.....and....yeah..thats about it.  Epic quests!!! hah yeah right, i'll just craft me something and SC it and have better gear.

    Game is STILL unbalanced after almost 2 years...mythic is working on another game, they cut their dev team in half to do this to, it was posted on the boards...the game is in its dying phase...just gotta get one or two more MMORPGS out there.  Sorry to say it.



  • TinyTiny Member Posts: 31

    Yeah maybe you are right, but here in Europe DAoC has the biggest Community altough you wont find anybody below lvl 20 whos not a completly noob to MMOs, because of the free level 20 Char that the new patch brought. And man ITS A GAME !! ure the keeps holding is for the ass(do u say that in US ?), but its fun to fight and everthing below 50 is imho just training 4 the battle.And RvR is still lots of fun.

    Live by the sword - Die by the sword

    Live by the sword - Die by the sword

  • DarktongueDarktongue Member Posts: 276

    LOL always find it  totally hilarious when people say " they only want my money not me" ! Well hello dipshit of course they do !  They are a business aint they after all?

     We get patches ,we get  told whats  happaneing, they try to balance  things (not easy to do no matter what you think) ,they  do new content and new  expansions. No im not fanboi , in fact  daoc drives me crazy ,cause i die to much *cough* but  its not use saying they only want cash.

     Do you really think they  would like to take hugs instaed of $$ ? Get real.


    Want to look at a company thats been  put together from others and  jumped on bandwagons using  trademarks to get cash in  disgusting amounts? 



    SWG is biggest cash  cow since  The Sames  er i mean The Sims.

    120,000 subs in first month Raph says.wooppeedoo thats cause they  sold them  to Star Wars fans  not so lucky to get into beta ( i did and it nearly made me cry ) . Its still in beta .


    Anyway DAoC is no worse than  lots of others and while not to everyones tase this doesnt mean its  crap. 

  • TinyTiny Member Posts: 31

    Totally agreeeeee !! Maybe SWG will get more conten or they fix some bugs. But now atm DAoC is the best balanced and most motivating MMORPG

    Live by the sword - Die by the sword

    Live by the sword - Die by the sword

  • DarktongueDarktongue Member Posts: 276

    Having  done beta for SWG I  really believe that it will ,not  exactly  fail but  flounder and  struggle a lot. The game was OK(ish) and  needed another 3 months of testing ,when they announced it was going gold and being released in 3 weeks lol. They then patched  and  reduced all credit rewards from missions,upped the cost of  planetary  travel and made mobs  freakin tough.

     Getting  from one place to another took longer, fighting took longer ,healing was longer and in the end  downtime increased ,casual gamerness reduced and so  this all ment folk would have to play longer in the longrun and as such  pay  more to  advance in skill trees!

     Planetside.They did same there too lol! Increase *lvling* and  people have to pay more to  play over longer periods etc etc.

    SOE suck donkey balls.


    DAoC aint perfect but hell its lot more fun that that shit.

    AC2 will die first outof the  curreent *top*  MMOs IMO but even then MS are  consoling  worlds and  seem determined to  keep the game stroling if not running  lol :)

  • squeeesqueee Member Posts: 722
    SWG is alright, I sures as heck did not care for it.  Yes there were and are many bugs and they are fixing them all the time, but it has come to be that MMORPG = life with bugs, get used to it people, as long as producers are shelling out cash they will be the ones pushing it out the door.  But, I do believe that the life of SWG is directly related to how long it takes the dev team to finish up vehicles and mounts.  Player run cities sounds good, but can you imagine the hastle?  Paying to play politics inside a player city, umm no thank you.  Get the vehicles out guys, I know you think that the huge worlds are nice and all, and they are truly, but it gets old having to run through them over and over and over and farther and farther.

    My software never has bugs. It just develops random features.
    Why doesn't DOS ever say "EXCELLENT command or filename!"

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  • DarktongueDarktongue Member Posts: 276

    Yeah lol. Hey and get this...its like *the future* or its in a universe  way in advance of ours , warp drives, laser guns,robots with true AI....yet for have to get  a bus.


    A shuttle= a bus.

    One every 10 mins?


    Get frickin real guys wtf are the devs thinking? Oh slows the players development down = KACHING!

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