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The SIth'ari Path (RP Guild)


According to common Sith legend, one day there will rise an individual who will be a perfect being. He/she will know complete freedom, and under his/her leadership the Sith will experience a spiritual rebirth and rule the galaxy until the end of times.

However, around 100 BTC, the female Sith Historian Irea claims that "Sith'ari" does not refer to a person, but to a state of Force enlightenment, as the Sith code implicates. Irea upholds that the Sith have deviated from their original path towards collective enlightenment, and that they have degenerated into a power-hungry and self-absorbed sect. Ultimately, the Sith have a mission to lead the galaxy to freedom, not oppression.

Irea gathers some followers, but her philosophy is quickly branded as deviant, heretic and dangerous, and she and her disciples are tortured and executed. During the following century her ideas are lost and forgotten, until a young Sith apprentice, Sharasvar, discovers a holocron explaining the philosophy of Irea the Heretic. In secret, he dedicates himself to the Enlightened Path, and starts to build a faction which aims to steer the Sith towards the original goal of Sith'ari...


Peace is a lie; there is only passion

Through passion, we gain strength

Through strength, we gain power

Through power, we gain victory

Through victory, our chains are broken

The Force will set us free

To understand the true goal of the Sith, Irea the Heretic made a reverse analysis of the Sith code.

"The Force will set us free", the end line of the code, refers to the state of Sith'ari; complete freedom from any mental restraint or material obstacle. She speculated that being enlightened in this way could signify becoming one with the Force, transcending the division between crude matter and mind.

"Through victory, our chains are broken". She emphasizes the notion of victory as a breaking of chains; i.e. the end of oppression, slavery and domination. The novelty of Irea's interpretation was that she considered the Sith as a whole, a collective, and not as a mere sum of individuals. In this perspective, enlightenment was not a matter of the individual Sith, as the Sith Lord obtains freedom at the cost of dominating others, thereby reinforcing the existence of un-freedom. Therefore, Irea proposed a change in the Sith code, replacing I/me/my with us/our, to represent the collective aspect of the Sith'ari mission.

"Through strength, we gain power; through power, we gain victory". Victory, i.e. liberation, is not achieved by the weak. It can only come through the use of power, which means the efficient use of military might, political influence and spiritual superiority. In contrast with the Jedi, Irea was not afraid of power. While she acknowledged that power corrupts, she maintained that it has also the ability to liberate. To gain power one must be strong-willed, resourceful and determined. There is no room for doubt or Jedi mind games. The means are secondary to the goal.

"Peace is a lie; there is only passion; through passion we gain strength". Life is not static, but full of conflict. Denying contradictions leads to stagnancy, and stagnancy leads to death. One should not fear or turn away from his/her emotions, as they are the motor of change, dynamism, and strength. Irea advised the Sith to embrace their most constructive emotions, in order to focus and direct them towards the ultimate goal of Sith'ari. Emotions like love, friendship and solidarity are not weak, because they enable the Sith to work together to face the task of liberation. With regard to compassion and altruism Irea is more ambiguous, as these feelings can be, on the one hand, obstacles to the accumulation of strength and power, while, on the other hand, they are a fundamental aspect of transcending one's narrow self-interest and becoming Sith'ari.

The Council

The Judge - Sith'ari Soul

When Sharasvar stepped down, he created for himself the position of Judge. The Judge is responsible for the philosophical path of the guild, he is a kind of moral compass of the group, and he can, as such, veto decisions which are against the core beliefs of the guild. In addition, he can judge the actions of TSP members who have made transgressions, and abrogate the Council, calling for new elections.

The Executor - Sith'ari Heart

The Executor is the formal leader of the guild. He calls and organizes meetings, is responsible for the daily business of leading the group, and handles diplomatic relations and negotiations with other factions. The Executor has two votes in the Council in the case of a tie.

The Guardian - Sith'ari Fist

The Guardian is the military leader of TSP. He is responsible for defence and constitutes the highest authority during any military operation.

The Watcher - Sith'ari Eye

The Watcher coordinates the eyes and ears of the group. He is responsible for intelligence and covert operations.

The Loremaster - Sith'ari Memory

While the Judge is the group's soul, the Loremaster is the living memory of TSP. He writes down the evolving stories of the guild and its events, and he organises exploration missions to unearth secrets of the Sith'ari and mysteries of the Force.

The Keeper - Sith'ari Logic

The Keeper is responsible for the financial, logistical and administrative aspects of the movement.

The Prophet - Sith'ari Voice

The Prophet is the face and voice of TSP. He is responsible for recruitment and the spreading of the message of the group.

What we offer and expect

* TSP expects its members to behave in a friendly, cooperative and mature way, towards any player of the game.

* Members should clearly distinguish between dialogues, relations and events which happen in character (IC) and out of character (OOC). In game out of character messages or tells are marked by (( ))

* This is a roleplay guild. PvE, PvP, Raiding, and other aspects of the game are up to the individual players.

* All classes are welcome, though the Council should consist of force-users.

* The effective leadership will rotate and be established through regular elections. It is only logical that the most dedicated members lead the guild.

* Players of any nationality are welcome, as long as they are able to roleplay in English. However, our core members are located in Western Europe, and our events (guild meetings, action RP, social events, etc) will be based on this time frame.

* Knowledge of SW lore is a plus, but certainly not mandatory, as creativity and imagination are more appreciated than encyclopedic knowledge.

A Personal Message

My fellow sith, I stand here before you... ashamed. Ashamed of all of the weakness within this galaxy. We thought our emperor would lead us to glory against the republic, but he backed off and elected to enter a cold war. This is not the way of the sith. We are strong, we are relentless and we most definitely DO NOT back down. I bring you the message of the Sith'ari Path. Our philosophical and enlightening standards stand strong. We believe both the Republic and Sith Empire to be weak. But we, as sith must join together and strike the republic with all of our might. We must take reins on the galaxy and rightfully lead all worlds with our brute force. I ask you to take a look at the stronger and more vigorous faction of the dark side. I ask you to use the force as it is meant to be used.

Void Dallos- Prophet of the Sith'ari Path.

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