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Authentic Happiness - Interesting stuff (happy)

MunkiMunki Member CommonPosts: 2,128

 I recently was lucky enough to get involved in the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards where I got to listen to a lot of terribly interesting people (including a revently retired commander from the US Navy) one of which was a psychologist who worked with some huuge names in the business world.

She talked about positivly deviant companies (ones in the top 99.9%) and how they got there. Atleast to the best of what they and researchers can understand.

One of the cool things she left us with was this site:

the UoP has a very strong research program into "happy" psycology. One of the tests, the "VIA Signature Strengths" test is one she likes to use with clients to help them find and utilize their strengths.

I thought I'd share it with you guys cause I know people love surveys and this one is a doozy (240 questions). There are some other surveys you can answer to help with their research if your desire (mostly relating to happiness)

In usual fashion feel free to post your results :)

Your Top Strength

Creativity, ingenuity, and originality

Thinking of new ways to do things is a crucial part of who you are. You are never content with doing something the conventional way if a better way is possible.

Your Second Strength

Humor and playfulness

You like to laugh and tease. Bringing smiles to other people is important to you. You try to see the light side of all situations.

Your Third Strength

Forgiveness and mercy

You forgive those who have done you wrong. You always give people a second chance. Your guiding principle is mercy and not revenge.

Your Fourth Strength

Capacity to love and be loved

You value close relations with others, in particular those in which sharing and caring are reciprocated. The people to whom you feel most close are the same people who feel most close to you.

Your Fifth Strength

Hope, optimism, and future-mindedness

You expect the best in the future, and you work to achieve it. You believe that the future is something that you can control.

after 6 or so years, I had to change it a little...

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