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PvP game?

So is this game a really good pvp game ive heard pretty good stories about it, and im really getting sick of the unbalanced-ness in wow if you will, and where guild wars has no sub fee its really looking better every second.


  • InStarsInStars Member Posts: 6

    Well it is a good PvP game, but it is different than WOW.

    Factions features Competitive missions and Alliance Battles, which is kinda fun.

    GW has 8-skill limit so you have to chose your skills carefully. So it is like finding the right combination, but there is no such single right combination, because GW PvP is balanced.


    PvP in GW is fun when you get your friends playing there, then you can talk with mics trough vent or TS and then the real teamplay fun begins ;)

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    dont know today but back in the day it was always full of player.the 8 skill bar might seems a bit low

    but it was awsome ,it took lot of imagination there were countless diff broup build

    imagine an evolved version of chess.

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