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The Exodus Gaming Syndicate

The Exodus Gaming Syndicate

One Guild | One Goal | Domination

We are very selective as a community about who we allow with in our ranks but we are always seeking serious gamers that enjoy PvP action thus making us a PvP orientated group that is willing to help train all accepted applicants who are not skilled PvP'ers to learn how to master the art of Player combat, that is why we screen our applicants and request they allow us two weeks to get to know them better by interacting with us via our Ventrilo server and our forums. We feature a mature community that will only recruit members 18+ of age, in order to maintain a fun social atmosphere for our gaming community.

"Activity, Dedication, Maturity and Fun"

We unofficially host nearly every online game that interacts with other players, our official games are currently Dark Fall and Star Wars the Old Republic when it launches however we currently are playing:



-World of Warcraft

-Star Wars Galaxies

-City of Villains

-City of Hero's

-Lineage II


-Jedi Academy(All Star Wars non MMORPG on line games)

-Matrix on line

-Age of Conan

"Unharness Your power :': Experience Perfection"

Our community offersits members graphic art courses, The Art of War by Sun Tzu and a prestigious 12 week officer training program for those that are well PvP oriented, Not to mention our instant gaming updates with our news blog "The Syndicator" which aside from gaming news it also brings you the latest news with in the gaming community or make sure to check out our latest movie at our website "Arrival at Korriban". So if you are seeking a mature dedicated professional gaming environment apply with the Exodus gaming Syndicate.

We are ready for domination....are you?


What is our current rank and structure setup?

We believe that too many obscure ranks create bulk.

We apply a simple yet effective rank system which goes as follows:

Branch Manager (Guild Leader)




Beside the default member Sector there are 3 Sectors a member can join depending on the deeper interest.

Each Sector will have dedicated Officers that plan and lead these groups. These Sectors are:

Member (def.) XWS (PvP) Sith Raider (Raid) Sith Crafter (Crafting)

What are our goals?

Our long-term goals are currently as follows:

Create, forge and fuse the greatest guild in the history of the business

Create, structure and execute the plans to reach the above and below goals

Establish the guild ingame as the most respected/infamous guild on the server:

Achieve world /server firsts when it comes to guild creation, city/station creation

Achieve a self-sufficient ingame guild through crafting, economics and diplomacy

Achieve PvP dominance through mastering group-oriented PvP

Achieve complete raid content clearance through rigorous raiding


Our tools to achieve this, beside our vast experience is constantly provided for the members on our forums.

PvP Philosophy

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Our PvP philosophy is deep yet simple; learn your class, practice in groups, hit first and hit hard. We have created the XWS to accomodate this purpose and to promote our elite PvP:ers to boost the whole memberbase. We will utilize the Cascading Leeorik andThe Synergy as our tools to forge the whole of the memberbase and the ultimate PvP machine in SWTOR. You will be able to learn more about this as a full member of ExGS.


Name: The Exodus Syndicate

Server: PvP-oriented, exact type TBD

Alignment: Sith Empire

Type: PvP-oriented achiever guild

Leaders: Lexion, SneakyJes

Recruiting: Yes, always selective according to our global rules and standards

Classes/Races: All

Vent: 150 slots, required when ingame, recommended otherwise

Roster: Current Roster


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