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TeimanTeiman Member Posts: 1,319


I am checking some digital download sites, and is impresive the quantity and quality of russian titles. 

And now a WoW clone, and now the typical boring clone... a brilliant graphic and designed game.

Russian devs, please lets have a big /hug 

/clap /clap /clap /clap 




  • SvyatoshaSvyatosha Member Posts: 3

    Well, one more thought in the same way from man who has never watched this game. Actually, they have some similar features. But AO has one big advantage, corovans can be robbed there

    And what does "devs" mean, developers? I can't find it anywhere

    You're 35 years old and play games, are you zadrot? (it's in russian, means "good gamer")   


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