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Favorite ship to fly in Eve?

JGMIIIJGMIII Member Posts: 1,282

Surprisingly My favorite ship to fly atm is my Ishkur.

I know its an assault frig but this bastard has teeth and any Frig that can use 5 Hob IIs is OP imo.

I've been using this thing for a while now and even though I've moved my training into exploration I still comeback to my good ole AF.

I recently put together a Exploration Proteus (Gallente t3 Cruiser) thats fun to fly but the risk involved in using this 2 billion isk monster would hurt alittle too much atm. It would probably be my third favorite behind my Megathron (even post blaster nerf).

Well I would like to hear from you guys.

What ship is the one you enjoy flying most and why?

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  • leshtricityleshtricity Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 231

    I like my Rokh.

    Funny thing is, I barely have the skills to field it...some would argue I flat-out don't, but it looks so cool, I don't care.

    Raven is another favorite, but I do have the skills to field that one. My Gunnery is sorely lacking, but I've got a lot invested in ML Operations.

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  • Brain-deadBrain-dead Member Posts: 256

    Rokh also. I just like the way it looks.

    I am in the process of training the final skill I need to use large Tech 2 railguns, which I have been told is what the Rokh was basically designed for.

  • LynxJSALynxJSA Member RarePosts: 3,233

    The Rifter. It's just a kickass disposable fighting machine.

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  • tvalentinetvalentine Member Posts: 4,216

    hurricane atm. It's a beast. Took out a rapier, thorax, and a ranis while there was a drake, pilgrim, and tristan blasting away at me ..... and i still got away. Cant wait to get more skills to make it more effective.


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  • JGMIIIJGMIII Member Posts: 1,282
    Originally posted by tvalentine

    hurricane atm. It's a beast. Took out a rapier, thorax, and a ranis while there was a drake, pilgrim, and tristan blasting away at me ..... and i still got away. Cant wait to get more skills to make it more effective.


    Holy shit dude! I need to cross to the Rust and duct tape side of the force!

    that's nice.


    Edit: I've gone 3 on 1 with my Blaster Brutix and survived but I don't have ice water in my veins like that. I would have had a heart attack lol. That's why im a Cov ops pilot sometimes I lose my head with so many ships on me. I can slow shit down if im cloaked and deal with  a situation and not have a freaking heart attack.

    Much respect bro.

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  • EnkinduEnkindu Member Posts: 1,098

    In PvP my favorite ship to fly is whichever is best fit to the combat situation.

    For just plain "fun to fly" factor I'd have to go with the bizarro ships with unique abilities like the rorqual or blackops.

    deviliscious: (PS. I have been told that when I use scientific language, it does not make me sound more intelligent, it only makes me sound like a jackass. It makes me appear that I am not knowledgable enough in the subject I am discussing to be able to translate it for people outside the field to understand. Some advice you might consider as well)

  • iNeokiiNeoki Member UncommonPosts: 353

    I love the look of the Rokh too, and also the Megathron, they both remind me of the movie Wing Commander and the battleships where the rapier fighters flew out of.  But I usually fly my Raven for mission running, it's a good mix of Tank/Offense for that purpose.

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  • x_rast_xx_rast_x Member Posts: 745

    My favorite ship at the moment is the much-maligned Enyo.  It's one of the very few ships that can do good DPS and have a good tank at the same time.  It locks fast enough to catch pods a good bit of the time.  With an overheated T2 AB it can get up to almost 1200 m/s which is fast enough to keep up with anyone other than an MWD'ing frig.

    Like all blaster boats, it has no range whatsoever, so lots of people rag on it.  But as long as you're careful with it so you always engage within scram range it's just amazing how fast it melts stuff.


    I've also been having a good bit of fun lately with my Brutix.  I can't use T2 medium hybrids and only have BC III (note to noobs - check my character sheet if you want proof that specialization is key in EvE, I have 25 million SPs and can't fly anything bigger than a frig worth a shit because of how I'm spec'd) so it's limited in it's effectiveness but if it gets a bead on a cruiser or another BC, they just melt.  Again, being fast (the Brutix gets up to 900 something when the MWD is going) and engaging at short range is key.

  • qazymanqazyman Member Posts: 1,785

    As much as I hate to admit it my favorite ship is the Vexor and I go thru them like candy ;) I always have a couple on hand. The thing I like about them is if i lose one it's no biggy and they can be fit for just about anything. It's a great ship to try things out on and I love it when i get jumped and have to find a way to win the fight. Truthfully, most are lost but it's just a vexor and it's fun.

    The Brutix is fun too tho... One day I hope to have enough isk to go thru them the way I do the Vexor's now. lol

  • GdemamiGdemami Member EpicPosts: 12,321

    Arbitrator, Curse, Crusader.

    I don't think it require any further explanation :)

  • AtilliusAtillius Member Posts: 16
    Originally posted by LynxJSA

    The Rifter. It's just a kickass disposable fighting machine.


    Ditto on that!  Love the speed.

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  • PatchDayPatchDay Member Posts: 1,641

    I like using my Megathon with a sniper fit for fleet ops. Served me very well so far

    Like using my thorax for gangs but will probably upgrade to Brutix at some point shortly


  • OrphesOrphes Member UncommonPosts: 3,039

    I'm stuck with the Incurses as of late, on a good day I activate my Enyo.

    Mainly because of RP issues and that is my ship.

    I'm so broke. I can't even pay attention.
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  • GarkanGarkan Member Posts: 552

    The gank Drake never gets old and its awesome for roaming solo or chilling in a belt and people engage thinking "om nom nom passive drake of fail" and you rip off their faces.

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  • LordmonkusLordmonkus Member Posts: 808

    I fly anything Minmatar and fast. Rifter, Jaguar, Wolf, Claw, Thrasher, Ruppy, Cyclone, Hurricane.

  • JGMIIIJGMIII Member Posts: 1,282

    Near two full pages so far and near everyone flys something different.

    I'm hoping as this this thread grows and grows it will show that many players fly many different types of ships and have different experiences.

    Ty for contributing to my thread.

    Playing: EvE, Ryzom

  • mad_webbiemad_webbie Member Posts: 45

    Cerberus and Manticore. T2 Torpedo launchers on Manticore is so sexy!

    Playing: EVE & Runescape @ work : P

  • batolemaeusbatolemaeus Member CommonPosts: 2,061

    Guardian and Basilisk.
    I dualbox them. Nothing like saving people from dying..in one fight there was a Myrmidon that was being shot by the whole enemy gang, and he was holding at about 10% armor, every few seconds leaking a bit of hull, while the enemy ships were dropping one by one, until the dps on the myrmidon was down to a manageable level. The dps were so pathetic then that they couldn't even kill a falcon before the rest of the gang died.

    I love logistics, honestly.

  • MurashuMurashu Member UncommonPosts: 1,385

    Rifter and Thrasher


    It used to be the Hound until the made it useless for killing anything smaller than a BC with a fleet backing you up.


  • miconamicona Member UncommonPosts: 677

    Drake and dominix and still use a Blackbird for pvp ops .

  • PatchDayPatchDay Member Posts: 1,641


    I might have to add interceptors for myself as well. just got in on a few kill mails just now with an Ares. Fun little ship to fly



  • EkibiogamiEkibiogami Member UncommonPosts: 2,154

    Prowler Mostly... Low lvl combat missions and haulling missions its total win :P

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  • TaramTaram Member CommonPosts: 1,700

    I'd have to say that it really depends what I'm trying to do.

    For PVE?  I love my nighthawk...

    for PVP?  It very much depends what role I'm filling in my gang.  If I'm not in a gang?  Doesn't heppen much but in those scenarios it depends what I'm hunting and where I am.

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  • NopexNopex Member Posts: 86

    Most of all I love flying a Phoenix Dreadnought.  I've got citadel launcher level 5 so anything I hit feels immense pain.

    Most of the time it's being used on boring POS ops though.

    For fun factor, I used to PvP in a Vexor a lot of the time.  Can fit a sick tank, strap some NOS on it and let the drones do the hard work.  Would tend to use an Ishtar these days for that though.

    Also love flying my Manticore with the new Stealth bomber fixes. Fly up to 30km. Lock in about 0.7 secs, launch 3 Caldari Navy Jugernaut Torps and recloak before they can lock me.

    It rules.

    There are so many fun ships to fly.

  • TealaTeala Member RarePosts: 7,627

    OMG I am just getting back into this game after being gone so long and it seems that combat has evolved into an art form.  The good news it seems is that a lot of ships are viable and that is a good thing.   It'll be harder to make a mistake when I finally do start hitting the PvP areas more frequently.

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