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Getting a new laptop for free and I wonder what can this run even with minimum settings

AntharaAnthara Member Posts: 75

So... getting this (free)


HP Presário CQ60

Intel Dual Core T4200 2,0GHz


320 GB

Intel® GM965

15,6" HD WXGA

nVidia GeForce 9200 256MB


Webcam 1.3 MPIX

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g

HDMI; 3 x USB 2.0

Windows Vista Home Premium PT


I wonder if everytime ill be away from home and using this laptop, if I'll be able to play anything besides Tetris.

Even on minimum settings.. will I be able to play some Warhammer zergs without the pc getting on fire? Or some Lotr? EQ2? Aion or something? Sounds bit stupid but the fact is that I'm not really playing any of this games on a regular basis but sometimes I do and dont wanna to start feeling the smell of burned components while doing so... or if they will even run on this machine.


cheers all... and sorry for my ignorance but I draw, paint, scultures and that kind of stuff. So I'm 100% ignorant about pcs, I just install some games and click the launch shoortcuts ;)


  • shalldoomshalldoom Member UncommonPosts: 106

    You will be able to run most games on normal settings. oh and GZ for the new laptop :D
    Maybe for WAR you will need to lower the settings a bit.

  • BakoryoBakoryo Member UncommonPosts: 469

    You have smaller cores than me, but twice the ram and a much more updated graphics card.


    And i can run Aion, Warhammer online, all those at maxed out settings (except lightning and those uneedy things)

    Lotro i can deal with everything maxed out without any real issues.

     *edit* Nvm,just noticed you have 256mb on your graph card. That could bring some issues playing on higher settings. *end of transmission*

    Heck, crysis on high settings worked like a charm :p


    Congratulations on your new lappy.

    The speed of the mole and the power of steel is my weapon

  • should run majority of older mmos.  My laptop similar spec (except uses ATI Chip) and can run following:


    City of heroes


    EQ2 (gotta really play with settings)


    Eve online

    All Guild Wars

    Lineage 1 and 2



    I would also give the following, though these may not work  (My ATI Driver doesnt like em, maybe nvidia will)





    D&D Online


    Hope this helps and rem to help speed up things download latest drivers and defrag your drive.







  • AntharaAnthara Member Posts: 75

    heh cool stuff


    Cheers all for the answers... kudos ;)

  • VrikaVrika Member EpicPosts: 6,708

     The graphic card on that laptop sucks. I'd say you'll be able to play WoW, and possibly Lotro, but I'm not sure about any newer games. But besides the graphic card, it's a nice computer.

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