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tech but non tech question

goku21goku21 Member Posts: 51

ok guys depending on how you look at this its a tech question so ill make it as short as possible (bear in mind there was an hour long convo on the phone with indian tech support to try and answer this but wont include that part lol)



i have recently moved house with my gf we decided to sell mine and buy hers fully

so. she had an active BT phone line with AOL broadband (dont ask me why) and in my old house i have bt line and bb and BT vision..so after turning her line off to transfer my service (line BB and vision) the woman tells me that there is no need for the MAC code from AOL because we were moveing the line as well as the BB

but this morning i phone BT to talk to someone else to clarify this and this guy says I DO need to use the mac code (but couldnt sort it cause im at work) and its really annoying me not knowing the answer to this and i know the logical thing to do is to wait and call when i get home (no phone just mobile *sigh*)

so i post this up in the hope that out of all the users some1 might work for bt and know the answer to this or that some1 has the know how to help me have a little peace of mind.

but thanks for reading and thanks for any help that comes my way


  • goku21goku21 Member Posts: 51

    managed to get a straight answer out of BT and confirmed by a freind on msn (cheers dave)

    i always knew the answer to this question too much indian tech desks screwing with my mind

    thanks anyway guys :)

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