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So, I'm installing AoC again.

FariicFariic Member Posts: 1,546

On a new PC.

I got the game when it came out but didn't really get into it.

I'm realy bored; so I'm gonna mess with it a bit.  Wanna see how the new PC runs it.


I gigled when I saw the "this might take a long time" at the top of the install window.

Good friggin god!

This is taking a LONG friggin time.

Did they ever impliment joystick support?

I'm bored enough; I may actually play this for a bit. 

I wasn't really into the way they did combat, and was actually looking forward to using a joystick when the game released.  Was rather upset that it didn't have joystick support in at the time.  The combat felt like it would actually be more fun with one.


  • B1itzkriegerB1itzkrieger Member Posts: 8

    I don't think joystick capability is available but the combat system is one of thes best parts of the game :)

    I guess if you don't like it though you can just play a caster since they are pretty similar to casters in most other mmos

  • GonesoloGonesolo City of Heroes CorrespondentMember Posts: 70

    I dug out my copy of AOC the other night and re-subbed for a month

    I played quite a bit when I first got it and I like the Melee combat system.

    If was different and that was good. Plus I was impressed with the tortage quests. They were well done and the story was told well and the voice acting just finished it for me.

    Spell casters were pretty much the same as any other MMO so after trying one or two I stuck to melee classes.

    After Tortage however my enjoyment of the game died, it quickly became like any other mmo out there. The combat system, while a nice change at first, also basically boiled down to button pressing to activate combos and not much more. Now I could live with that had the content in the rest of the game been like Tortage but I was saddened to see it was not and in fact was just like most other S&S MMO's out there.

    However, I've been keeping an eye on the game and been reading the updates and Funcom have done a lot to address these issues so I thought I'd give it a try again. At the end of the Day AOC is a beautiful looking game (and thats my main gripe with WOW - cartoon graphics just annoy after a while)

    So I'm back in game - started playing a necro mancer just for a day or so but will probably go back to a melee class soon enough. Just got to work out which server my guild is on.

  • SubL_JediSubL_Jedi Member UncommonPosts: 75

    i played beta and quit at release. Just recently came back and I'm having a blast. But, I'm not a hardcore player so its always been for for me i quit at release cause the bugs, memory leaks, and lag. Other than that aoc was and still badass especially witht he improvements hope to see you in game.


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