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Trial DL info

McGamerMcGamer Member UncommonPosts: 1,072

Just thought I would post here about trial DL'ing because a person in my other thread had said that the trial time doesn't start until you login which I found out is false. Here is a direct quote from the account page after I signed up.

"Due to the time estimated for downloads, two additional days are given to your account for a total of 32 days included. Note that the client is 15 gigabytes in size and may take a long time to download, depending on the speed and/or limits of your broadband connection."

It took me 3 days to download leaving it connected the whole time. Some will brag about their speed being fast or w/e. It doesn't matter if you have a good speed, point is I'm posting the info for those who might not have the greatest speed such as myself.


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