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Moderators names POSTED

WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,332

This is something ALL the class sites do,they post the names of the moderators in action onm said threads or forums.

Not posting the moderators names ,is pretty much admitting you have something to hide,like incompetent moderators remain hidden.Moderators that show bias towards games they love ,users of the site would soon catch on and the moderator could be reported to site owner and hopefully removed,or at the very least removed from any moderation he /she shows bias towards.

There is far more reasons for moderators to be posted,you SHOULD be willing to stand behind your actions if they are frutiful/correct or done in a professional manner,anything other than that should be out in the open for the users of the site to see.This site[MMORPG] is only as good as it's users,a poor moderator can bring down the credibility of a site BIGTIME and we should all know of these moderators.

I have seen far too many ORIGINAL posts go on to cause more harm than good and have no intentions other than to cause strife,yet the lack of moderation on these OP's has been far from adequate.If MMORPG feels they are in the least competent in selecting moderators then they should stand behind their selections and allow everyone to see,just who they/we are dealing with...I had to give an example as to why i want moderators names given,it is of my opinion a VERY good reason,as i am sure EVERYONE at MMORPG,including the owner,needs to know of the people acting on behalf of MMORPG.

I also believe the OWNER of MMORPG would like to know how his site is being run,be it with great moderation or VERY poor moderation ,either way everyone has the right to know ,who is who.It would in essence force the poor moderators to steup up and meet the demands of the better moderators.

This should not be a one way street,the users must use cookies,give their user name,login,yet moderators are exempt from even the most USUAL requirements of MOST good sites.

The owner of the site once asked ,how we feel about moderation on this site.i responded with "i feel the moderators are lazy and do nothing but respond to the REPORT tool".It is my firm belief they[many] do not even read the report,they merely hit warnings to save effort or are just plain lazy.

Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.


  • KoolaiderKoolaider Member Posts: 450

    Moderating seems a bit half assed to me. So many good threads have been closed due to "trolling" even though the discussion remains very civil by internet, and even standards. I've seen a member's post calling every person who plays an SOE game a "retard" remain, while my post explaining that he's 47 years old and should grow up was deleted.

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