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Beta application is open

ReizlaReizla Member RarePosts: 4,041

When I heard about the game, I visited the site immediately. I thought the game was interesting. A few weeks later I signed up for the newsletter...

Last week I saw the beta application form on their site and I filled it in. And yester day I received an e-mail from their newsletter to apply for beta... Link is:

Today I logged on and saw that I received an extra link on the meny: Beta FAQ... It seems my application is accepted and I'll get an invite (sooner or later).

Too bad the standard NDA is there (I can tell I'm in beta, but can't tell /show you anything about content /gameplay). But from what I've read in the FAQ, there'll be some very interesting things to come ;-)

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  • MardermannMardermann Member Posts: 29

    I too applied to the beta.

    looking forward to this title...

    Steampunk is an underated genre, I think.

  • CosnerCosner Member Posts: 7

    I'm in aswell ...  I've really been looking forward to this game, cant wait to start . Hope to see a few others of you there. Till then I'll just have to wait till the beta goes live.



  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,008

    Are you sure because the "Beta FAQ" link is there, you are accepted? I applied recently and I have that link.


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  • japojapo Member Posts: 306

    Yeh....if you applied, basically you're in. says you'll be in the beta sometime between now and


    Here's the quote from the FAQs




    Please note, however, that signing up for a Beta Account and actually having a Beta Account are two different things. As we begin our Beta Test, we're going to start adding players to the game, just a few at a time. As things are improved and the process gets ironed out, we'll add more and more players, gradually allowing in everybody who's signed up. You may get your invitation right away, or you may have to wait a little while, but you will get to play in the Gatheryn Beta Test -- we promise!




  • BellaHBellaH Member UncommonPosts: 268

    Could someone post a working link for me..I seem to find all the 404's

  • CosnerCosner Member Posts: 7              <--- and follow the links



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