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This game looks good !!!

DekapitatorDekapitator Member UncommonPosts: 261

Let me say that i like the screenshots and I'm downloading the game now.

This one looks good


  • siilentsiilent Member Posts: 25

    im playing it & so far its pretty good.

  • kel766kel766 Member Posts: 47
  • kel766kel766 Member Posts: 47


    THe site did not help me very much but since u r playing can i ask u ?

    Are there any races?Clasess? Are there any quests? is there a Pvp?

    THanks :) LOoks nice, so might give it a try.

  • FadedbombFadedbomb Member Posts: 2,081

    You all must be completely new to the "MMO" genre. Any veteran, or mediocre, mmo player would tell you that this game looks like complete trash.

    Regardless, being the sort i am, myself along with 4 other of my friends tried this game. As we thought, the game is complete trash and horridly unbalanced/out of place. I'd recommend not wasting your time on this one gents.


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  • shyguy101shyguy101 Member Posts: 37

    It's not trash, but it's not a "great" game either. The "free" part of the game is total bullshit because the only way to actually a fun time is to buy some booster packs for new units/spells/crap. I would think it is some kind of scam, but it is rather enjoyable seeing my nation grow while I'm offline. Think of it as a trading card game (essentially it is) not as a clever scheme to take all of your money (again which it is). It's all about trading cards then putting those cards on a field only to have them blown up by a giant fireball from fucking space. Still the game has many quest (Some look copy & pasted from others), a story, and you can capture territories which usually leads to conflicts with other player (Though that takes a very long time to do). So if you spend your money on some other form of "CRAP" this game seems like something else you can spend your money on.


    Did I mention it gets addicting? Not like most other shitty free MMO's.

  • InktomiInktomi Member UncommonPosts: 663


    I looked into this game too because of the free unit giveaway. The website doesn't give you any information so after a little digging I found out that the only place I could buy cards was through an online TCG distributor.

    www.tcgplayer.com/games/Overview.asp and Ebay : $15 starter set and this deal Starter set + 7 boosters

    I was put off by the fact that I could spend hundred or maybe thousands on an army to get it blown up like someone said previously. But I used to play magic, so plunking down 15-30 or more for a card is not a mystery to me; I still own all my cards. What is a mystery is why didn't Wizards of the Coast come up with this idea first instead of that terrible head to head game that I bought at Microcenter for 1.99. And I still wanted my money back >.< I realize that they have Magic Online, but as an RTS instead of just the head to head card game.

    The biggest problem I would have is finding someone to trade with so I am going to pass on this one. If anyone likes Magic or TCG games and video games combined, look no further. Due out Spring '09 which is...now.

    Play safe


  • ProboscisProboscis Member Posts: 1

    I've played this game for a little over a year, and it has rightfully earned its place as one of the few games I spend my time on anymore (Diablo 3 and SC2 soon to join the ranks I hope).


    Saga is unique in the MMO category atm in that it combines RPG elements such as leveling, gear, and nationbuilding with RTS gameplay. This combination is what many players have been searching for, and even though Silverlode tends to f*** up a lot, it's an overall great game :)


    To the people who naysay about the "Free" aspect of the game, I say this: I have one of the biggest armies in the game atm, (80 treants, 300 longbowmen, lots more stuff if that means anything to anybody....) and I haven't spent a penny more than the $20 for registration, which now you don't even have to pay >.>

    If I were to sell all of these units I would take at least $500 dollars away from my experience, and the game is even in a rut atm due to lack of updates (which are supposedly due to the development of the fabled "World Conflict"). It's easy to build an army by trading resources you gain from quests/mines to others for cards, and once you get a card it is yours forever (there is no need to replenish card stocks or anything).


    The community is one of the nicest, most matured that I've seen in an MMO, though it is going downhill from all these damn promotions :p. There are regularly player organized events, such as trivia, with people donating cards and resources to be won. Community sites are even giving away xbox 360's...


    So yeah I'll stop my rant... if anyone has a question my ign is Mooseland (terrible I know, didn't know I would be stuck with it >.>)

  • KarahandrasKarahandras Member UncommonPosts: 1,703

    this isn't an rpg as others have said it's a tcg with a poor(or worse) rts thrown in

    the rts IS geared torward increasing your card purchases so the free part is essentially a lie

    when i tried it the game was bugged to hell and subject to varied changes designed toward making you purchase more cards(they even deleted player resources to achieve this)

    worst mmo i've ever tried, even SOE didn't steal what i'd been collecting

  • AxeionAxeion Member UncommonPosts: 418

    Played this for about a year on an off.Games had some troubles  conectivity being one of them.Rebalacing the spell system completly made spells one shot wonders.

    Grafics an play feels to me sorta mech comander 2ish.Rts wise its not horrible but its been streamlined ( dumbed down) since release like most games.Not to the point of it being a completly difrent game an not worth playing .But to point of being Price point not as competive as ofline rts games .

    1st 16 levels didnt buy a thing didnt spend one red cent.used resouces i farmed to buy troops off the market.online card sites eventaly made that just about imposible for a while til they collapesed their own market.Now their own saga coin system makes it a bit easyer to even buy cards from other players .An yes the booster pack feel put me back to the magic the gathering days when i did buy .

    I bought heavest when the undead came out .after that the systme got changed some an conection problems plauged it to point you couldnt complete mision ( though way much now).

    Again its nota bad game ,but nota great game, worth a download for sure.Where things went wrong imho is they didnt finsih the card game in rl aspect,which would have been intresting ( wheels of timeish system would have worked ) in its form now its more ccg than cash shoish but barely.

    just dont go in expecting dawn of war 1 grafics an you might enjoy it.

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  • AndromedanAndromedan Member Posts: 7

    I've been playing this game for 2 days now, and I'm pretty hooked. It has its flaws, but the functionality is quite good. There's enough quests to play, resource collecting, building of your nation, and the expansion of your army (which also have to be leveled). It is a free-to-play though, so if you don't have the patience like me, or you just prefer some variety, you will either get bored or buy cards for troops and spells. Thats the falling pit of any free-to-play for most people, from my experience.

    The graphics aren't that good, and I even had to turn off the trees and grass to get past the starting screen. Somehow it doesn't bother me, since this game has made me realize I'm more into realtime strategy/civilization building than regular shoot this shoot that mmo's, which I've played for years.

    I've not seen the pvp aspect yet, as I'm still just building my nation and play quests.

    Anyway, I suggest you try it out if you even have the slightest interest in these concepts. With the code you get from mmorpg.com, you get plenty of troops to get you started.

  • OmrieOmrie Member UncommonPosts: 116

    Which code?

  • InktomiInktomi Member UncommonPosts: 663

     There used to be  a saga giveaway code on MMORPG, but I got the game free here MMOHUB It came with a nice choice of troops but I bought a few packs online (paid full price of 3) and got some stuff I needed and alot of good trading fodder. I now have a good amount of troops and just log in to update my nation.

    The reason why its an mmo is because its persistant and updates even when you are not on. I would suggest on checking it out, the graphics are lacking but for what it is its pretty fun and is free to play. The only cash shop item is troops and spells, everything is you can get online or trade through other players.

  • OmrieOmrie Member UncommonPosts: 116

    I see. Thanks for the info then. =]

  • KordeshKordesh Member Posts: 1,715

     Anyone know of anything similar to Saga that isn't Beyond Protocol? From what I can gather they're the only two persistent RTS games that exist at this point (With Dreamlords falling off the map recently). The graphics, but more importantly animations, are a massive turn off  with Saga unfortunately /=.

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  • MxtenMxten Member Posts: 3

    Battleforge is similar.

  • bluhoteyesbluhoteyes Member UncommonPosts: 32

    Hi :) Just want to add a few things. I have been playing this game for a year and 1/2  and I am a guide there. I host a lot of the giveaways in game. I have a progressive Jackpot that is non-profit and you put 1k of a resource in and you are in to win all the prizes for example this past week there was 5 prizes. One was a full unit of your choice and delivered to you by a SAGA dev at a level 10 which is the highest level a troops can go . All the resources which was over 300K gold, i think 64K wood and 33K stone. Players also donate cards they don't need or want to trade which is a bonus drawing on most parts. So the game does have a lot going for it and personally I think is the greatest community with a lot of players helping new players. Sure there is your one bad seed on occasion but they don't last long in the game:)   Think you should give this game a try as it has me hooked and every faction has their own style each has their strong points and each has their weaknesses. If you are great at pvp you will find some very tough competition and there is always players looking to pvp, but me I admit i stink at it LOL 


    The game does have issues at times , but the devs listen to the players and in the end with time and patience they fix things and make it better with more content. Can't wait for world conflict to give the live back into the game or maybe they will give us a bit of something new time will tell :) 

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