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  • solareussolareus Member Posts: 3,165

    Don't get a AMD x 3, they are made for servers , stick to a AMD Phenom II x 4 BE.

    "Freedom is just another name for nothing left to lose" - Janis Joplin

  • noquarternoquarter Member Posts: 1,170

    Originally posted by thorwood

    I might be wrong, but a clean install means wipe your hard drive and reinstall everything from scratch?  That is fairly daunting, particularly for online games that have to be download, and even if you have disks for an online game, they are usually so out of date that the amount of patching required is the same as downloading and patching the full game.  For a lot of games, just backing up the game files may not be enough to get the game to run on clean system.
    The other installation alternative was to install xp and update to Vista 64 bit.
    The fix was not in SP1 as that is really old.  Might have been a hotfix later.  My graphic settings were reduced to a lower quality setting not long after the release of Moria and I have never tried the highest setting since.
    For me, I am hoping that Windows 7 will install over Vista 32 without having to do a clean install.

    Clean install can just be an install over top of another copy of Windows without reformatting. I often do reformat my OS partition on a clean install anyway just to clean up but it's not necessary.

    Here is the hotfix I was talking about: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/940105 it was apparently included in SP1 as well but you should check to make sure it is installed.

    Originally posted by solareus
    Don't get a AMD x 3, they are made for servers , stick to a AMD Phenom II x 4 BE.

    I don't find this to be true at all, if you look at any benchmarks the x3 scores the same as the equal clocked x4 because even multi-core optimized games can't take advantage of 4 cores over 3.

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