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NeoklisNeoklis Member Posts: 42
Shiva in Testing as we speak image


  • ZipehZipeh Member Posts: 265

    lucky @$^*&;#

    i feel like as i was in the beta i should get into the shiva beta .. but no ... :P

    still pending...fingers crossed 




  • NeoklisNeoklis Member Posts: 42
    lol yes i signed up on the 5th and still pending image

  • qwertyfrozenqwertyfrozen Member Posts: 12
    i hope to get in to. cant wait!!!image i want a station all for my selfimage

  • r1tualr1tual Member Posts: 559

    Im in.  I setup my own starbase near a moon,  just waiting for a skill to finish (It will finish today) to turn it on so it starts mining the moon and its shield starts working etc.


    They are pretty awesome though.  Alot of other stuff that is pretty cool.  Lots of bugs,  but im sure most of the major one's will be squashed out this week hopefully.  Chat lag.  Randomn noise's that make you go deaf etc.


    Lots of new ships.  Tons of different starbase stuff like missile batteries,  turret batteries,  moon mining,  other starbase defense.  Level 4 agents.  New UI.  The tactical Interface etc.


    All good stuff that I cant wait to finally get up on Tranquility.  Shiva lags though currently so its hard to test.  But im sure they will fix the server problem.

  • wizardpetewizardpete Member Posts: 28

    Yep, signed up as well and waiting.  I understand that they are ramping up to a higher number of people within the next weeks to ensure a huge increase would not immediately crash the server, which makes sense.

    Also seen some screenshots on eveguardian and it looks awesome. Can't wait to get in there and try the new structures and ships.image

  • ZipehZipeh Member Posts: 265
    what skills you training r1tual .. anything i should work on?



  • ArteanArtean Member UncommonPosts: 215

    Been in for a couple of days, and all I can say is...:

    DAMN, Shiva will r0xorzz! image (dont really know what that means, but seems like l33t...)

    Well, it will as soon as some quite anoying bugs gets squeezed out.

    The POS are amazing and will sure bring in a whole new dimension to the game play; both considering PVP, production, corp management etc. Even the fps seems somewhat better in the Shiva client (I have approx 30-50% better than on TQ so far).

    However, one thing is still missing, which I have looking forward to quite alot: the new environments, such as comets, ice fields, planetary effects etc. Is EvE lacking in some aspect, it sure (in my eyes) is the lack of variation in the graphical settting. To be honest: one system looks just like the other one, but, who knows, theses new environments might just change that image

    To summarise: a tremendously good game will get even better!

    When in doubt, troll.

  • qwertyfrozenqwertyfrozen Member Posts: 12
    hay you guys that are in plz post some screans of the new stuffimage.

  • Chupa5Chupa5 Member Posts: 10
    hell yeha shivas goona rock

  • NaosNaos Member Posts: 379

    Originally posted by qwertyfrozen
    hay you guys that are in plz post some screans of the new stuffimage.

    Some eye candy... 1 2 3

    Theres plenty of pics on the EVE-Online site also and check out this ::::04:: Contraband

    Shiva is going to rock ::::06:: and my FPS are through the roof too woot!

  • DesalusDesalus Member UncommonPosts: 848

    Oh boy, I better add to my drug stash before shiva launches.

    Killer 86%, Achiever 46%, Socializer 33%, Explorer 33%

    Killer 86%, Socializer 53%, Explorer 33%, Achiever 26%

  • ryankhartryankhart Member Posts: 12
    Its not called Shiva anymore. Its called The Exodus
  • RawpunisherRawpunisher Member Posts: 2

    And Exodus is online now! Download the client and try it with a free trial account.

    As always there may be some bugs now because Exodus is a system-wide upgrade for EVE (skills, missions, GUI, ..) , but play it for a week and you won´t live in real world anymore..


  • ice_pice_p Member Posts: 29
    nice gallery of pics you got there naos image

  • AlkatrazAlkatraz Member Posts: 119
    Good luck transporting those goods naos, u'll gonna need it!

  • NaosNaos Member Posts: 379

    Originally posted by Alkatraz
    Good luck transporting those goods naos, u'll gonna need it!

    ::::35:: Tried it out on the test server Alkatraz as soon as customs were in and I wasnt surprised with what happened, I posted on the official boards along with a few others warning about customs and so on but this was still a large issue for some once it went live.

    Many players myself included had higher expectations as CCP had the chance to add another avenue to the game here but have so far failed badly with its implementation any lack of foresight and the impact this would have to its playerbase.

    Missions with blackmarket goods dropping as loot and the consequences of customs finding a player transporting thereof were addressed long after it was brought to the attention of the Devs and having spoiled the fun of those pilots not in the know.

  • AlkatrazAlkatraz Member Posts: 119

    Yep..those missions killed many players who did not knew about those goods that are illegal.

    Hope ccp will pay them back as this is only ccp's mistake.

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