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Is UO almost dead? (so sad)

diegofrgcdiegofrgc Member Posts: 451

Hello UO veterans, Im sad to say, our beloved Ultima Online is going to the wrong way, subscribers are decreasing.

I had a great time playing UO since Second Age to The Revenge of Blackthornes, played AoS 5 months.

Why is it dying you say?

With the release of AoS, UO got 250k people playing it, Early this year it fell to 200k, and this summer, it had about 170k.

This is the worst season for UO, plus, EQ2 and WoW are coming next month. Many people say it will move from EQ/UO/AC/DAoC to EQ2/GW/WoW/MxO/MEO/D&L

So wheres Lord British (aka Richard Garriott image) to stop the fall of the golden MMORPG? ........Hes making Tabula Rasa.........Oh man, this is sad


  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Member Posts: 2,194

    i will most likly still keep my account open (for the sake of my houses) but i already dont play at all pretty much, its clear no one really cares about the game anymore when you can run around for 10 mins and find a location big enough for a 2 story or larger right out in the open near a town


  • DomenityDomenity Member Posts: 9

    I have been playing UO since its release. What really killed UO is a couple of things.

    1. Mirroring the land. This caused a few issues. Like house placement, this depriciated house values by a lot. This also made Carealot Village and Grieferville. There was no inbetween.

    2. Taking the adventure out of the game. Made punishment on Pks to high. They where basically telling you, that you couldn't do whatever you wanted. The reason this was bad is that money wasn't moving around nearly as much. What does this Cause, a little word called Inflation. I hunted Pks I was in Order, I was a pk, I was in Factions, and I just didn't have any fun anymore. Couldn't recruit because Newbies where afraid to come over to fel. they where afraid I would Pk them.

    3. EA buying orgin. This is selfexplanitory. Richard Gariott.

    4. UO2 Cancellation. UXO Cancellation. The UO players have nothing to look forward to. Because EA doesn't want to compete with itself. It is all or non to them.

  • Little-NemoLittle-Nemo Member Posts: 110
    I maybe wrong but I have heard many times for a long time that UO is going away. I don't think i will belive it till I see it. The game just hit it's 7th year, I am hoping there are many more.

  • CrabbyCrabby Member Posts: 153
    You'll know it is dead when they release the expansion celebrating French culture a la "Samurai Empire" with the Japanese. 

  • Little-NemoLittle-Nemo Member Posts: 110
    Gee, everytime I log on there always people there. People in doom going for artifacts, or people trying there hand and getting the new minor artifacts. UO maybe on it's last leg, maybe even missing an arm but it's not dead.

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