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How did they create EQOA?

I love the concept and gameplay of this game.  I know the graphics aren't amazing to some, but to me I loved them.  Was wondering, what game engines did they use to create this masterpiece?  Which programs would one use to create this game?  Graphics engine, game engine, anything.

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  • krauleykrauley Member Posts: 2

    I dont have an answer as to what engine  they used to create  this game but i will comment on what a code masterpiece this game is/was. On a ps2 back in 2002, a game that had no loading screens if you run anywhere inside or outside the huge open world. With the limited resources the console gave the games developers, they made such a game to me is amazing. So no i cant answer your question but i can sit back and wonder what these guys could do on the ps3 now for a EqXX .


  • enzymeenzyme Member UncommonPosts: 464

    I still have a special place in my heart for EQOA, as it was my first MMO. The only loading you did was on initial entry into the game, and then traveling. Most likely constantly streaming from the disk to support the world. 

    With the technology behind the PS3, and the HDD, I would love for them to bring out an updated EQOA.

    I am currently playing EQ2, and am considering a station pass account just to play this again.

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  • fawdownfawdown Member UncommonPosts: 186

    I would love to play it with the population it had during it's first 2years.  I was there every night.  Then when eq2 came out I went back and forth.  It was my first MMO too.  I got hooked on it when I was in beta 2 and 3, and had a hard time waiting the 5 weeks for release afterward.  Good times with great people.  Then my friends list slowly emptied out.  The last time I was on it was last summer while I had station access.  I took a run from east to west, then south to north just for nostalgia mainly because there was no one on.  If they were to consolidate all servers into 1, they could probably get another few great years out of it.  I miss it the way it was, but it is not solo friendly and with no one on, it's nearly impossible to play.

  • UNH0LYEV1LUNH0LYEV1L Member UncommonPosts: 459

    This game was awesome for its time.  One of my all time favorite MMO's.

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