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Eastern mob a new and cool browser game

Hey I found a new cool game on the internet and i think u would be interested in playing it . Here is the description and the link to it.

Eastern Mob is a free online multiplayer game. The game is based on text and it is played with the browser. You do not need to download any program.

You are a lost turist in Eastern Europe...where you were robed, beaten and left to die on the streets. You are brought to the hospital. They gives you no atention because you have no papers, and everybody thinks you are a loozer..

It is your time now!

You have no money to go home, you have no respect and the Eastern Mob world is rough.

YOU must survive and choose what to do: be a business man, a cop, or be a gangster.

It is your life story in the tough world of Eastern Mob.

Your goal is to be the strongest, the most powerfull and the richest mobster from the game.

Beware, nobody survives alone here!!


You are starting the game with a few money you made begging on the street, no power and no respect. It is your chance to leave home or stay here.

The world in eastern Mob is full of dangers, crimes and dirty money. You will have to steal, rob, do business, sell drugs, do illegal traffic, play at the casino, you will need to kill other users or be killed, enter the mafia familyes and eventually be the best from the Mafia World.

Do you think you are though enough for the world of Eastern MOB??!?

Make contacts to distroy your enemyes, enter a family(gang), or create your own gang, and become the DON of one of the strongest families : the Gangs

But everything you do, remember IT IS JUST A GAME, play honest, with respect and FAIR PLAY

You can enter this link to go directly to the login page :

I hope you'll enjoy

Bye ;)



  • legend55legend55 Member Posts: 155

    hmm text-based RPG's are not my thing!?

    Is this game really good?


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