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What about girls?

My friend won't tell me any thing about the game and hes is supposedly working on it (Greybeard) . Says his 'boss' will skin him if he says anything so he told me to come here :( 

1.) Will there be anything for Geek Girls in CoS? Most MMO are male oriented first and provide stuff for girls second, or just a remake of male stuff with female features. Would be nice to have plate mail skirts, something only female. (not that some guys would not look cute in a dress! or skirt)

2.) Will there be combat pets (that help in combat) and normal 'just for show pets' (I want a dragon :) )

Well I think I have embarassed myself (and Greybeard if he see this) 



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    Yes, there will be plenty of things made especially  for females!  First off, we have some female designers working on the game, so this isn't a matter of males trying to make stuff for females (and botching the job.  I mean, what a guy thinks a girl wants to look like or wear, well, that's a recipe for disaster). 

    Speaking of clothing... did you know that you will NEED to own more than one outfit?   There are different parts of the game that will require you to dress appropriately.  Come on, you don't wear rusty old armor when you are invited to a meeting with the ruler.  Or... if you want to go to the public baths you'll need a toga, or if you want to infiltrate an enemy stronghold in disguise you'll want to don one of their uniforms, or if you want to go for a swim to cross a river... plate armor would drag you to the bottom!   And to tie this into your original question, girls outfits for all of these situations are not only different than boys, but designed from the ground up for females (not adapted from males).

    Pets is a more difficult to answer area.  The nature of our EXTREMELY involved stories and quests make  pets a  problem in some situations.  Remember, you don't wander around killing monsters you run into as a general rule in CoS (like other MMOs).  That character 'Grind' type of game play isn't what this game is about.  You CAN just wander around the world, that's not a problem, and you will occasionally run into an enemy patrol, or killing party or troop on the move, etc., but it's not the same as walking around and fighting monsters that live on a 'grid' and pop back into existence when they die.  So you have to start thinking in terms of a different kind of game play, one that doesn't lend itself well to the pets idea.  However, we haven't ruled them out completely yet.

    What WOULD you do if you went out wandering the world?  Well, you might run into a large troop of Recreated (a kind of undead that make more of themselves by killing people and using their dead bodies to sew together new creatures to swell their ranks).  If the troop is too big for you to handle on your own, you would want to conceal yourself quickly (magically, or just use the local terrain; i.e. hide in the bushes).   Then you could track that troop (their tracks will be quite obvious and even a newbie will have tracking skills capable of following a whole troop of monsters) to their lair where they make the Recreated.  Now you can try to do something about this 'nest'.  You could try to sneak in and see if you can destroy what they use (can't tell you yet) to make Recreated.  Or you could try to pick off smaller groups and whittle them down to size.   Maybe you want to go get reinforcements from the Citadel and come back and take these guys out.  Or... you might want to just go in and kill the whole lot of them (if you have the power available and are willing to use it, more on Uber Abilities later). 

    The point is, even though this isn't a Quest or Mission, when you do just go wandering the world you won't be out killing popping monsters on  a grid, you will get involved in some Adventure (this example being the lair of a Recreated troop).   CoS is a living world, where monsters have their own agendas, and are not mindless fodder for players.

    (one additional note... this was a very appropriate topic for Mother's day... and speaking of that... happy mothers day to all you mothers).


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