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Did a Lot of People End up Paying?



  • lordabbadonlordabbadon Member Posts: 68

    I ended my subscription today, no use playing when you hit 50 there isnt anything to do and boring arena. feels liek,a bad roip from wow. making another toon feels just pointless because the quests are soooo boring.

  • lordabbadonlordabbadon Member Posts: 68

    sry lag posting.

  • ethionethion Member UncommonPosts: 2,888

    I paid them for a month.  But I quit the game before the 2 week trial ran out.  I paid them as my way of saying thanks for the trial and thanks for the great launch.  As I posted earlier in another thread though this game is too pvp oriented for my likes on the pve server and the progression of characters in the game seems poor.


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