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The art

amusedmonkeyamusedmonkey Member UncommonPosts: 42


Has anyone noticed the art direction on the lower left of every page?

I for one never noticed before, and when I decided to re-read the lore page again something suddenly struck me! The art is pretty good! It's original and different and has personality! This was the art that made me revisit each and every page on the website again, notice how it has personality, the cold expressions on her face, the colors shadows and proportions.. it all fits too well


Here is another one, it has a surreal feel to it and something just draws me to it.. The orange aura just adds to the feeling you get from it



A third one with a unique art direction, notice the sketches on top of the painting. Leaving them there gives a unique and an original feel.


I'd say well done! Continue working with this artist. What do you think? have you enjoyed it as much as I did?





  • JatarJatar Member UncommonPosts: 348

    Glad you like the images, however you should know that these are just a few pieces of our concept art for various NPCs and creatures that will appear in the game, not the game art itself.  We haven't really showed any of the final art yet as that is part of the later stages of our development.   We'll release new screenshots later this year.

  • amusedmonkeyamusedmonkey Member UncommonPosts: 42

    Oh I'm totally aware it's concept art, I just really like the way the artist visualizes the characters and gives them a personality.

  • JatarJatar Member UncommonPosts: 348

      Well, in that case, I'm glad you like the concept art and I'll pass it on to the concept artist who did these drawing. And, just for your kind comments, here is another concept drawing from the same artist. This is a drawing of the females of the Jenemos race. If you don't recall, the Jenemos are a nomadic race that was created by and once worked for Morphael. Now they are just bad luck... mostly for their enemies, though their bad luck sometimes even strikes at the Jenemos (and their friends). This tends to amuse them more than upset them.

    So here is the question... knowing that the Jenemos are 'bad luck' would you invite one to be in your party? Or want to play one? Remember the bad luck will tend to strike your enemies more than the Jenemos or his friends...but it will strike... and at the oddest times.  And I should add... in the most amusing ways...

  • ElderosElderos Member Posts: 9

    From a hardcore gamers point of view, that race would be disastrous. You never want anything bad to happen. However, from a hardcore role players view, Awesome! Bring it on. Personally, I don’t like losing and or when things go bad, but the concept is very intriguing. I may well be inclined to give it a try.

  • skipethskipeth Member Posts: 66

    I think it's a great concept and I don't see why a little randomness would affect a hard core gamer.  You should be more than capable of dealing with a hit of bad luck every now and then.

    If I don't get around to playing one due to time constraints I'd definitely group with one... however... Having played D&D for many years, people who play Kender or Kender-like Halflings use race as an excuse to act like an idiot.  In CoS I can see a flocking of ass-clowns to the Jenome race. 

    The "luck" concept also reminds me of Ring World.

  • amusedmonkeyamusedmonkey Member UncommonPosts: 42

    Great! I feel flattered and can't wait to see more and more art I wish patience was one of my virtues when I get excited about something.

    As for the race the game is more of a life story, life stories have successes and failures, or even little quirks of bad luck which I think would be fun and add to the unpredictability. I don't even mind failing because rather than losing in a game it would feel more like an event in my hero's life.

    Personally I don't like everything to go as I have planned all the time and being plain unlucky is fairly realistic. I would invite such a race to my group, hell! I would even make a character of this race because I find it interesting. But that of course depends what tributes other races have.

    Are you allowd to share some other tributes? even without specifying races, just quick headlines. My curiousity monkey just won't sit still.

  • JatarJatar Member UncommonPosts: 348

    There are currently six races in the Citadel of Sorcery universe (six that a PC can play I should mention). The races are:

    Verduren, Jenemos, Human, Gargoyle, Tyven and Waerian. First off, it should be noted that the human race is just as special as the others. Each will have their advantages and disadvantages. Too often in other games human means 'mud', or nothing special. This is not the case in Citadel of Sorcery.

    We haven't released details on all the races yet (beyond what's in the Lore), and I'm not going to get into it here either. But... a few tidbits can be mentioned.

    Gargoyles are not made of stone, however, their images are often carved into stone and put on corners of buildings as wards against grim spirits and demons. This gave them the reputation of being made of stone. To even further this myth, gargoyle society honors their heroes by creating statues of them rather than grave markers. Gargoyles do NOT fly and do not have wings, but they do like high places and can leap safely down from higher than normal distances. Oddly, they love cheese... more on that later.

    Humans were the first race, created by the Dead Gods. Because of this they are more wide spread than the other races. They are the most prized 'stock' for Morphael's experiments in making new creatures since they are the original form of intelligent beings. Some of them are also the descendants of the first Sorcerer, and therefore, more likely to be strong in 'the Blood'.

    Waerians have underwater societies, though they can exist on land as well. Their skin is scaled, and cold doesn't bother them all that much, though they hate deserts.

    Tyven... well, they really don't understand most of the other races, I mean, what is this nonsense about owning something? They have the curiosity of a child, and the cunning of a fox, which they resemble in some ways. Oh, and then there is that strange attraction they have to anything egg shaped.

    Jenemos, well, they aren't pretty, with big ears and big eyes (the better to see and hear, but do nothing for looks). They generally live a solo nomadic life, only getting together with their own kind for occasional bacchanal style parties in which very odd behavior is normal. They have bad luck, I mean really bad. This affects their enemies the most, but sometimes hits them or their companions. Life is one big joke to the Jenemos, and they would rather put a monkey wrench into Morphael's plans than just about anything else. A practical joke is considered high humor, though with their luck, throwing a pie in someone's face is likely to get them splattered as well.

    Verduren are more powerful in daylight than night's darkness due to their ties to the growing things of the world. They can also blend into foliage like a chameleon, almost becoming invisible.


    There you go, a few things about each race, though by no means all the details. We'll release more about the races in the future, keep an eye on the website for a 'Races' page



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