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Flame Wars Online

GravitonGraviton Member Posts: 20

Finnally, the MMO you all want.

Everybody is right and no one is wrong.

Your game sux cuz you'r an idiot.

My game is awsome cuz what i say is truth and i dont need anything to support my FACTS!

I am smart and tough and you are just a fluffy carebear.

My game has sold out with 400,000 subs and no one plays your game.

This game is for hardcore ffa pvp and if you cant handle it, go back to WOW you themepark fanboi : P

Don't ask for info of any kind unless you want to be flamed for being a stupid retard.

Now, go on and flame and gank and make sure to show em whut an internet stud you are and remember this game can be played entirely solo and in first person mode. And dont be bringin that mature be nice and help others attitude around here or you will be sorry.

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