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Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning: NPC Races of WAR: The Skaven

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

Mythic continues its look at the NPC races of WAR with a feature on a race which many would like to see as a player race, the rat folk known as the Skaven.

The origins of the Skaven are at the heart of many legends. Rumors spread rapidly where facts are not accessible, and how the Skaven came to plague the world, no one knows for certain. The Skaven themselves have no permanent written history, and their very existence is vehemently denied by the Imperial scholars. Those who profess their existence are prosecuted as heretics by the Inquisition; therefore, we must turn to other more difficult to obtain sources to learn about the Skaven.

In the Dwarfen Books of Grudges, only the greenskins are mentioned more often than the Skaven. The fights between Skaven and Dawi date back to the times of the Beard War; and the Skaven also made significant contributions to the fall of the giant stronghold city, Karak Eight Peaks, by staging underground attacks. To this very day, one of the biggest Skaven structures, Pillar City, is located underneath Karak Eight Peaks. The Dwarfs have different theories as to how the Skaven came into existence but do not like to discuss them, as one theory establishes a direct connection to the Dwarfs themselves.

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  • StormsenderStormsender Member Posts: 39

    The Skaven are awsome I hope mythic can some day make them a playable race. They have everything an mmo race needs they could be a whole new faction of thier own. They have so much more that could be put in game Brentonnias, Vampire Counts, Wood Elves, Ogre Kindoms, Tomb Kings, Lizard men, and Skaven all could be reprsented in the years to come all would be fun to play. Warhammer online has access to some excellent IP I hope they can take advantage of it.

  • dinuriumdinurium Member Posts: 79

    Making this into a third faction would be a good idea.   Simply a playable race will not bring me back.  

    The gameplay is fun.   I loved grinding scens, rvr, keeps, and bo's instead of questing.    Just after rr50ish or so you realize you have been doing the exact same thing every day for a really long time now.

    I hope Mythic will concentrate lots of man hours on a serious expansion that adds atleast a soild PvE experience to this game.   If nothing more this will break up the monotony of keep exhanges.   I would even buy this expansion for  40 bucks.

    New classes have not helped retain as many players as people would assume, from my play experience.

  • redhands123redhands123 Member Posts: 179

    If they ever add Skaven as a playable race, i will drop whatever MMO I am playing at the time, and sub back to WAR. Kinda like what that guy before me said they could be there own faction or something. I'm sure enough people would play the Skaven.


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