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Voyage Century: Commercial Battles Coming Soon

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

IGG has posted an overview of upcoming Commercial Battles between the major Merchant Alliances in Voyage Century.

Ever since the 5 major Merchant Alliances were founded, they have been expanding their power in order to become the leaders of the soon to be released Commercial Battles. So in an effort to keep you well informed we are going to give you a brief introduction of these commercial battles.


During the Ming Dynasty, the government started regulating the import and export markets. All trade including silk, china, tea, and large amounts of any goods must first receive permission from the government before they can be shipped. In response to these rulings the 5 merchant alliances have started to create the merchant line by any means possible.

Battle Rules

Players who already belong to a merchant alliance should go to Quanzhou and find Shi-Po-Si. The first step is to buy some goods and then transport them to the appointed person at the port. After each successful journey players will be given the corresponding Merchant Alliance Contributions. Their own port will also be given merchant credits. Players can check their credit total with a Consignee during merchant battles.

In addition, players can also use High Sea Interception and the power of rumors to reduce a rival merchant’s credits.

Read more here.

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