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Warden or Champ?

I am still fairly new to the game, and I play with a friend who is a Rune Keeper, I'm not sure which class to play to make a good duo, I have both a Champ & Warden(both 19)... I'm kind of leaning towards the Warden (seems more interesting) but was wondering how decent the dps is compared to other classes and if that would be a better (easier) combo than with the champ.

Thanks in advance :)


  • JenuvielJenuviel Member Posts: 960

    I think it depends on how your friend enjoys playing his/her Rune-Keeper. If they like the DPS side of the attunement bar better, the Warden would be a better pick, since they do a good job of healing themselves and maintaining threat. If they like the Healing side of Rune-Keeper better, a Champion would probably be the better pick, since Champions have no significant means to heal themselves, but they put out a great deal of damage and have several threat tools of their own.


    Really, though, any combination would work. If you went dps RK and Champ, you'd mow down any normal mobs before you took much damage. If you went healer RK and warden, you'd outlast nearly anything in the game. Champs also get more tanking capability later in the game, so they're not strictly limited to dps. Either way, RKs are so versatile that it's hard to go wrong with one in a duo, provided they don't mind switching tactics as needed.

  • sarahstewartsarahstewart Member Posts: 68

    There are many combinations you could do as I think they are many classes that can play well with a rune master, Generally in your position I would reccommend playing what you really want to play since you will still make a good due even if you go support or dps

  • MrbloodworthMrbloodworth Member Posts: 5,615

    The warden is built for solo.

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