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ihasfishihasfish Member Posts: 1

Yes, this is my first post, YES I did register to give my game attention however I believe this game deserves much more credit then what it is getting

Enblic, an MMO(Hokey), that plays much like "Kicks" or "Kick off" in my opinion one of the better gaems out today, yes I know if its so good why does it need to be advertised? Well..I honestly dont know. It is hoste by FailNFail, however this doesent distract me from the game play at all. Now, I'd like to know if anyone would be willing to play, this would be for the betterment of the game(literaly no one plays) the betterment of me, I have someone to play with, and yourself, hell you get to have some fun(I know fun in an MMORPG..IMPOSIBLE SIR, you proclaim, and my response would be a calm, "Try it yourself"). Now if you actually feel like playing hit the thread up with your IGN, and what position.I can teach you a few things, I just made my new CF, so if you need me I shall be on it.




I wish you luck in your search for the perfect game, and I'd LOVE to see more then one person on this game at a time :-.

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