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DC Universe: Doomsday Unveiled

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

Sony Online Entertainment has unveiled new images of the DC Universe villain Doomsday.

Doomsday, the cursed Kryptonian creature, was bred to embody hate and rage. His sole reason for living is to extinguish all other life, including the citizens of Metropolis and their beloved hero, Superman.

Born on the planet Krypton during a time when only the strongest creatures could survive, Doomsday was the result of a rapid natural selection process bred to hate all life. Doomsday's body is covered with vicious bony spurs that can render even Superman's skin. His endurance makes him almost impossible to kill. He is the epitome of villainous power and strength. With the ability to regenerate after every battle, Doomsday becomes bigger and stronger; therefore no opponent of his has ever defeated him twice.

Doomsday Screenshots

Check out the Release and Screenshots

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • DullardDullard Member Posts: 26

    Well, at least he's sensitive to society's decency standards and chooses to wear shorts.  You know, for the kids.

  • fansedefansede Member UncommonPosts: 960

     LOL Dullard!

    He don't wanna let the female Dommsdays see his package until they in private, ya know.



  • SamhaelSamhael Member RarePosts: 1,330

    Not only is he hip enough to wear shorts but Doomsday is apparently a 3D designer as he likes to "render even Superman's skin."

  • GennadiosGennadios Member Posts: 209

     With the ability to regenerate after every battle, Doomsday becomes bigger and stronger; therefore no opponent of his has ever defeated him twice.


    Is anyone taking bets that he'll end up a mid-level boss players will be grinding for gear until they reach whatever the next tier this particular MMO features?

  • SanguiniaSanguinia Member Posts: 235
    Originally posted by Gennadios

     With the ability to regenerate after every battle, Doomsday becomes bigger and stronger; therefore no opponent of his has ever defeated him twice.


    Is anyone taking bets that he'll end up a mid-level boss players will be grinding for gear until they reach whatever the next tier this particular MMO features?


    Zing! I was thinking of that too. It becomes anti-climactic if you beat the thing that killed Superman and then go on to fight the newest "biggest menace evar"!

    Maybe it'll be a situation where you beat him, and then later on he shows up again even stronger than before. I don't know. That's the flaw in making games with established IPs. Either Superman & Doomsday are the biggest, baddest things walkin', [making the top-level characters #2] or the characters get to snicker and laugh at ol'e Supes. Either way, I'll probably ignore the stories and hierarchies in these superhero games, the same way I do in City of, and just play my character.

    What Happened With SWG Went Down YEARS AGO! Please Try To Stop Whining About It In Every Thread I Read. Mourn It, And Finally MOVE ON With Your Lives! Thanks A Heap.

  • nekollxnekollx Member Posts: 570

     or maybe DD IS the end game?

  • GennadiosGennadios Member Posts: 209

     It's possible, DD is near the top of the food chain in DCU. But not exactly the very top, there are still Anti-Moniter, Darkseid, Braniac, and Imperiex. I'd take any one of those as top contender for the endgame.


    I'm fairly sure at least one of those will be featured as the main baddy instead, since the storyline will likely require some kind of complex plot and a mastermind (DD just doesn't strike me as a brilliant tactician) to give all the big name baddies in DCU a reason to converge on Metropolis within the game.

    I have a feeling the devs chose to unveil DD ahead of anyone else is because he has the most recognition and he likely will not be the linchpin of the storyline.

  • joeybootsjoeyboots Member UncommonPosts: 628

            Doomsday  (Originally known as "The Ultimate") was not the most powerful DC villian ever (though at the time of his appearance he was). He was a mindless killing machine, and would not make a good endgame boss. He was believed to have killed superman for a time, but this was later revealed to be not the case, as superman was in a coma-like state (suspended animation?).

            No, that title of "Most Powerful DC Supervillian" should go to either Imperiex, Anti-Monitor, or GOG. I say this because in a confrontation between Doomsday and Imperiex, Imperiex made short work of Doomy. After this battle, Doomsday is never as powerful as he once was, for he grows a concience when brought back to life again, even briefly becoming a superhero.


            The embodiment of entropy, Imperiex takes the form of pure energy contained inside a humanoid set of armor, colossal in size. He is first mentioned when Mongul, the son of the deceased villain of the same name, arrives on Earth stating that Imperiex has destroyed his Warworld and is heading for Earth. Mongul convinces Superman to help him fight Imperiex, and the two apparently manage to defeat it. However, it transpires that the "Imperiex" they encountered was no more than a probe, whereas Imperiex Prime, leader of the Imperiex probes, is himself a much larger and more powerful being. He has detected imperfections in the fabric of the universe, and his ultimate plan is to destroy it and create a new, perfect one. To do so, Imperiex Prime heads for Earth- the planet which holds the universe together after being the center of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, in order to destroy it and therefore induce a new Big Bang.

            Following the "Doomsday Wars" series, Doomsday was released by Lex Luthor's Suicide Squad to battle Imperiex, a threat that was judged to be even greater than Doomsday himself. Once freed, Doomsday slaughtered the Squad, and then went on to battle Imperiex's numerous probes (his mind having been altered to regard them as the threat he normally perceived Superman to be), which had thus far managed to seriously injure or kill most of Earth's heroes. Doomsday tore through numerous probes with seemingly little effort, while aided by Superman — the only time the two enemies would come close to teaming up — before finally confronting Imperiex himself. Imperiex proved too much for Doomsday; he blasted him, reducing the creature to a glowing skeleton. At least 8 million people on Earth die during the war. The total number dead in the DC Universe is stated to be countless. Several heroes also die (by Imperiex's hand), including Maxima, Aquaman, Doomsday, Guy Gardner, Queen Hippolyta, General Sam Lane, Lois Lane's father,and Steel are all presumed dead, but later return alive for different reasons.


    As for "GOG" (There were 3 diferent incarnations of this character), he killed superman more than once. He also killed several "Alternate Supermen" from different universes.

            The first version of Gog was known as William, the sole survivor of a nuclear disaster in Kansas, and became a believer in Superman as a savior, even creating a church dedicated to his philosophy as he tried to find meaning in the cataclysm that had taken place. One day, Superman visited him and told him that he wasn’t the omnipotent, perfect being that William thought he was, shattering William's world view and mentally unbalancing him. When the Quintessence (Shazam, Ganthet, Zeus, Highfather, and the Phantom Stranger) invested him with a portion of their vast power, William, now known as Gog, went insane and blamed Superman for his misfortune, believing him to be the Anti-Christ who had allowed the Kansas disaster to take place to regain his standing in the world.

           Using his newfound powers, Gog killed Superman. Unsatisfied by his victory, Gog traveled 24 hours back in time, found Superman, and killed him again, repeating the process over and over, gone back one day further each time, and each time varying the means of Superman's death and absorbing portions of the slain Supermen's power. When he arrived on the day that Superman and Wonder Woman's child was born, the entire Justice League tried to stop him, but they failed, and Gog took the child, deciding to go directly to the past where he intended to trigger the Kansas cataclysm almost twenty years early, burning Superman's insignia into the countryside.

          Gog's actions exposed the existence of Hypertime, a fictional construct similar to the Multiverse in pre-Crisis stories. Gog unknowingly passed into an alternate timeline each day he traveled back in time, effectively killing a different Superman at every turn. As a result, the Phantom Stranger was forced to recruit time traveler Rip Hunter of the Linear Men, the only other person aware of Hypertime, in an attempt to preserve the secret, the other members of the Quintessence refusing to act to stop Gog for their own personal reasons.

         Rip Hunter, refusing to believe the other Linear Men's claims that traveling back in time would destroy the Kingdom Come reality, recruited Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Kid Flash III (daughter of Wally West), Offspring (son of Plastic Man), Nightstar (daughter of Nightwing and Starfire), and Ibn al Xu'ffasch (son of Batman and Talia al Ghul) from the Kingdom Come reality, along with the Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman from the present to fight Gog, luring him into Booster Gold's "Planet Krypton" a superhero-themed restaurant that had been stocked with artifacts from various realities before Hunter moved the restaurant outside of time to limit civilian casualties. With the available arsenal, the heroes managed to wound Gog, with Batman using a Phantom Zone projector to partially send Gog into the Zone, severely scarring him while the heroes armed themselves. Gog fights back, knocking the heroes down as he himself collapsed in a weakened state. Unable to move from the force of the attack, the present Superman is convinced to fight back by the future Wonder Woman, who told him of the destruction of Kansas and how it happened as a result of him abandoning his fight for truth and justice following the death of Lois Lane. Refusing to allow history to repeat itself, Superman charged at Gog, who sends both of them and everyone else in the restaurant into Hypertime, thus allowing Hunter to preserve the Kingdom Come reality. Gog is then returned to the future by Rip Hunter and the future versions of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, who demand that the Quintessence restore him to the person he was.



                Anti-Monitor was one of the most formidable foes ever faced by the heroes of the DC Universe (or "Multiverse", as it was then and now). He is directly responsible for more deaths than any other known DC supervillain (trillions, at least), including killing Supergirl personally, though it could be suggested that when the universe 'restarted', most of the deaths attributed to him, in effect, never happened. He consumed thousands of positive-matter universes to increase his power, and was able to personally battle scores of the multiverse's strongest heroes simultaneously.

            In addition to possessing vast size (varying from several meters to hundreds of meters), superhuman strength, extraordinary durability (by the end of the Crisis series he was able to effortlessly withstand blows from Superman, and even survived a blue star going mega nova), the ability to project destructive bolts of energy, and greatly augmenting another being's powers (as he did with Psycho-Pirate, whose powers were increased to levels too much for him to handle), the Anti-Monitor also possessed reality warping abilities, which he displayed by removing Psycho-Pirate's face. The Anti-Monitor also commanded an army of Qwardians and shadow demons, and had access to highly advanced technology capable of shifting, merging, or destroying entire universes.

           By far, his most devastating power was the ability to absorb the energies of his surroundings into himself -- even as far as absorbing the energies of entire universes. In addition to devouring the energies of untold numbers of universes, he also absorbed the energy of "over one million worlds" in his own anti-matter universe in order to gain the power to travel to the beginning of time, to attempt to stop the creation of the positive matter universe. When Earth's heroes followed him to the beginning of time, he then absorbed all of their power and energy; this made him strong enough to alter the creation of the universe (until he was opposed by the Spectre). During his final battle in Crisis on Infinite Earths #12, the Anti-Monitor maintained his power by "feeding on" a nearby star; and when his power was drained and he was reduced to a state of near-death, he absorbed his own anti-matter demons to rejuvenate himself.

                                                                             In Closing:

             So, suffice to say, Doomsday was not the most powerful DC villian ever, though he's definately up there. Futhermore, Mister Mxyzptlk, might also be one of the most powerful, as he is basically invunerable, and wields powerful reality altering magic from the 5th dimension. He cannot be killed, just banished to his home (for a measley 90 days), by tricking him into saying or spelling his name backwards. "Superboy Prime" is another contender for the title, with his solar energy powered suit (Made from parts of the Anti-Monitor), that made him many more times stronger than Supes himself. He was the main antagonist in the "Infinite Crisis" series.

    Edit: In agreement with the above poster, Brainiac (and his many reincarnations), is a good candidate as well, although I disagree with the mention of Darkseid (though very powerful), as Darkseid was one of the people that Doomsday defeated in combat. Personally, I believe that Imperiex should be the "End Game" baddie. He was one bad mofo, Made DD his bitch, and fits the bill as the "Mastermind" needed to fuel end game missions/quests. Also Anti-Monitor would be a logical choice as well.

  • SanguiniaSanguinia Member Posts: 235
    Originally posted by joeyboots



    I just wanna say; KUDOS to you! That was informative and fun to read. Thanks much.

    What Happened With SWG Went Down YEARS AGO! Please Try To Stop Whining About It In Every Thread I Read. Mourn It, And Finally MOVE ON With Your Lives! Thanks A Heap.

  • Glacial_RainGlacial_Rain Member Posts: 110

    well i don't know much in the way of DC comics, what is the backstory in the game.


    but i would gather Doomsday would be a near end-game fight. 


  • RavanosRavanos Member Posts: 897

    if it was up to me they should make him like The Sleeper from EQ1 lol. basically if someone unleashes him the whole server is has to fight him or something.

  • nekollxnekollx Member Posts: 570

     liek a Giant monster in City of Heroes? A monster that has no level and needs 20 guys to take down?

  • JYCowboyJYCowboy Member UncommonPosts: 652
    Originally posted by nekollx

     liek a Giant monster in City of Heroes? A monster that has no level and needs 20 guys to take down?



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