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Browser Game With Great PvP

BrifBrif Member UncommonPosts: 529

I'm looking for a fun and addicting MMORPG that I can play with my internet browser and don't have to download.

I will play it casually in my spare time.

It must have good PvP.

Must have at least 2D graphics, preferably 2.5 or 3D.


  • Orb90Orb90 Member UncommonPosts: 18

    2 years ago, I could have told you Runescape :( . Now, I doubt there is any browser game with good PvP. Of course, I don't know for sure, but this is most likely the case.


  • imwashburn1imwashburn1 Member Posts: 20

    okay try aq worlds or sherwood. aq worlds is 2d no pvp sherwood i think it does.

    but for dowloads i do runes of magic , perfect worlds,or 2 moons for 2 moons they uped the system  req so if you have a very old comp you cant play it.

  • juttieejuttiee Member Posts: 1

    Infinity Robot Wars. have you heard of it?

    It runs on your web browser. It means you don't have to download and it seems like you want (not only PvP but real time "war" system). Unfortunately, it's been developing. you can play it few month later, maybe :)

    You can watch the promotion movie in the website below. check it up!

    website :


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