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ACE Online Reviews Go in THIS Thread!

Seriously enough of the spamming. I appreciate that you all want to post your review of the game, but let's do it in a somewhat tactful manner okay? ACE Online Review! x(20) is going to scare more people away than it will bring in. I'm hoping all subsequent reviews be posted in THIS thread, not through creating a new one.






  • Rapier6Rapier6 Member Posts: 1

    In a few words --> PvP war based game. Fly over many maps without a true "owner" and fight for it, grind your gear to higher levels and show your skills in wars against the other nation. Get faster and stronger, upgrade your aircraft/tank and weapons, earn respect and fame, seek power and destruction, learn skills and make money. Make your nation grow stronger by making war tactics and keeping the peace betwen the many flying brigades that are constantly created. Enjoy the beautiful sceneries starting inside caves, going to open lands, large deserts and end up in space shooting stars. Rush for fun fighting against thousand of people in the same map!

  • NRGrushNRGrush Member Posts: 5

    Rush's ACE online Review

    If your looking for a "PVP based" game, than this just might be what your looking for. Ace online is a flight sim third-person shooter mmo with role play elements (leveling system) that has been out for over 4+ years, and is hosted  in several countries starting in Korea and spreading through Germany and for this version, North America (Toronto, Canada). Ace online is a 2 faction game based on competing for supremacy over one another. Each faction has its own map chain leading up to neutral maps between the 2 capital cities where most wars take place, but can still happen on any map in the world. Players of the same nation can create flight brigades which are similar to "guilds" in other games and compete for kill count and advance base control which are some of the many features within the game.

    A few key features within the game are that its completely FREE! with an optional cash shop if you so chose to put money into the game. There are 4 fully customizable gear types with their own individual skill sets and a large set of weapons ranging from 1 - 100. Maps ranging from pleasant scenic views on the planet to vast open darkness of space. Boss hunting and monster farming to find minerals, weapons and more to help you level up. Working together by creating brigades and formations to help during wars of all sizes, from skirmishes, to base wars, to the ultimate war events; Mothership Wars. Arena matches from 1 versus 1, up to 12 versus 12. Great graphics, music and easy game play considering the amount of time this game has been out.

    If you'd like to know more, check out for more info. They have a great community with a lot of helpful players that don't mind helping out new folks on their way to becoming one of the best pilots around.

  • AlreadyTakenAlreadyTaken Member Posts: 1

    i cant use my ign here, it's "already taken",  hence, my username here 

    almost forgot to add that my ign is: ManSlayeR



    I’ve been playing Ace Online for around a year now and it’s by far the best game I’ve ever played. It’s action packed, intense, nerve-racking, but most important of all, it’s fun to play. It’s not like most other RPGs, where you move around, point, cast a skill or spell, wait for it to load, and click the target.

    In Ace Online, your survival depends greatly on your skills as a pilot, you have to aim, while going at 400+ m/s, you have to avoid missiles, you have to run away from huge concentration of enemies that are just waiting for you to get into their territory.

    The large maps make it possible for large scales battles, where strategies and cooperation can make the difference in the battle.

    If you really enjoy MMO games but you also love to shoot players, but also, you like flying, this is the game for you.

    Ace Online combines it all beatifuly and dinamicaly, giving players 4 gears to choose from, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and way to fly.

    This game main focus is the PvP. As some other players have said before me, this game promotes in game wars. There are scheduled events, everyone knows when they're happening, so most players log in before in order to be therein time to defend or attack an Advanced Base. There are Random events, such as Strategic Points (SP) where you have to defend or attack (depending on wich nation your on and in wich map the SP spawns in). And there's also a Mothership Event. When the National Contribution Points counter reaches 100k, 200k , 300k, etc. a Mothership spawns. And it must be destroyed or defended. So, yes, PvP is primordial in these events, making players go up against all types of rivals, they have to beat "barriers" of players defending their own etc.

    But these events arent the only time there are fights, you could also start a war almost in any map. Just go there kill some enemy players, and soon enough you will have a bunch of backup, from either side, hence, a war. These can be pretty fun, lasting for hours at some times.

    There are two types of weapons in this game, Standard and Advanced weapons:

    -Standard weapons are like guns, firing relatively faster than advanced, they’re like shells in a machine gun, but they dont do as much damage as the advanced ones. Also their range is shorter than advanced weapons. These “shells” will either hit you for damage, or miss, doing “0″ (zero) damage, you cannot roll them or avoid them once locked.

    -Advanced weapons are missiles, they have a slower reattack rate, but higher damage.

    (depending on your gear, your main weapon, standard or advanced, will be used more often). The advanced weapons’s range is a bit higher than the standards, because they have to “chase” down the target they’ve locked on to. (Again, all of this varies depending on wich type of gear, and weapon, you’re using, there are all kinds of them). These weapons you can “roll” double tapping “A” or “D”, but that wont garantee that you won’t be hit by the next set of missiles.

    All four gears are pretty much the same at the lower levels, but once they’re lvl 20, they get their very own unique abilities.

    -A-Gear: It’s basically a tank that can fly, it’s slow, but makes up for it with it’s attack power and high HitPoints. These gears use Standard weapons as their main, the reattack on their weapon will determine how much damage per second they can do, hence, more reattack = more kills. THeir advanced weapons are really fast small missiles that do relatively high damage, most of the times u can’t avoid them.

    Their skills: Ground Siege, this skill can only be used while on the ground and adds range to your radar, making you fire farther than before, and doing more damage. At lvl 38, you can fire even faster, as the skill is greatly upgraded. Air Siege, almost the same as Ground Siege, except you can only activate this one while flying. Barrier, is a blue “bubble” like protection that lasts 15 seconds, making the gear invulnerable to Advanced weapons, during this time, most AGs can take down multiple other gears.

    -M-Gear: This is a High defense gear, almost unkillable, given the right equipment and high enough lvl, say 80+, for most. The thing with MGs is that they sacrifice their attack power for the defense, making them pretty hard to grind to high levels, but once they’re done grinding, they are very formidable opponents under an experienced pilot.

    MGs also have support skills, such as Repair Shield and Repair Energy, these skills refill your HP while in a formation (or party), they can also “Summon” a player from the formation to the same location the gear is in. As these gears have high defense and healing abilities, they are used to break through camps and “summon” other players to basically attack from behind the enemy lines. MGs use advanced weapons as their main, and standards is pretty important too, given they need to do as much damage as possible.

    -I-Gear: Fastest gear in the game, can go up to 500 meters per second at lvl 34, where the other 2 gears can just go at 400 m/s at the same lvl. They have great agility, wich is their only defense against damage, given their HP is really low in comparison to other gears. However you can choose to be a high attack, and pierce through the high defense of MGs with ease, or take massive loads of “0″ (zeroes) as you evade countless enemy attacks heading your way, running around the map, being chased by a whole nation, given you go pretty much faster than everyone else. At lvl 86, there is an even faster engine, this one makes you go at 530 m/s. Main IG skill is Frenzy, wich makes you fire more missiles per right click, meaning that if you normally fire 2 missiles per volley, with frenzy activated you can fire 2 more, 4 in total, doubling your total damage. They are pretty vunerable against AGs. Most IGs just aim for any of the other 3 gears.

    -B-Gear: a bomber gear, second fastest gear in the game, and extremely versatile. They can go at 460 m/s at lvl 27. The BGs are the heavy hitters of the game, given they do massive damage on just one volley of missiles. They’re unique skill, Ground Bombing Mode, plus a weapon of choice, Bawoo (one of the many advanced weapons), grant them the ability to do around 15 000 damage to hit points at high lvls, and more. This blows any gear away, except high lvl MGs, wich can withstand lots of damage do to their high defense. BGs are versatile because they can have high attack, to destroy anything on sight, high evasion, like IGs, to be able to run around avoiding damage, or high defense to withstand tons of damage, like MGs. Another thing that makes BGs special is that at lvl 86, they get a fast engine, that goes at 520 m/s, making the difference in speed with the IGs seem like nothing.

    ok, I think I’ve written enough, If you’ve read through my wall of text then you really need to download the game

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