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Nostale Info Guide

Ysls93Ysls93 Member UncommonPosts: 5

*Just because this Guide was Posted on 28th April 2009, doesnt mean that I dont look at it anymore... any doubts will be answered just post* (Last Review: 9th January 2011)

Before reading pls consider that this guide is made only for the informative purpose and that i had all the stuff written was my mind knowledge of the game... of course that not everything is here but some essentials ARE and i dont want ppl to look at this game and at first look think this is like RO or solstice, cuz this game is very different, the class system is different cuz u dont have classes, but u have Specialist Card Licenses, now pls get your info from my Guide and be nice pls dont spam, thx ^^

i have much to say about this games as ive played it since betas...

Maximum lvl is 99, but no one ever got that result till NOW, this very moment that this Info Guide is being made thursday, 28th April 2009 the best record is still lvl 92

its a very good game, but u wont find anything "special" before lvl 36, cuz thats when u start having cards

What are cards? hmmm...

well Specialist Cards are some cards of the Element (Fire/Water/Dark/Light), on side of regular cards u have spare cards which are not as good as the regular ones but still useful... these cards provide u a transformation effect (kinda super-form of ur character) for a set period of time depending on the amount of SP (SpecialPoints) that u have. As u use a card u'll be discounted 3 SP by every skill u use (dont count walk, run, rest, etc...). U have 10k maximum Basic SP and some Add SP which can be gotten by using Special Point chargers, completing Instant Combat or being online everyday at 00:00h GMT. SP will be used everytime u have a card of specialist equipped (some cards dont use SP or use lesser SP which are the worse, all others are best!) cards also need a Necessary Job lvl to be equipped! u will see more details about Specialist Cards down there...

A better explanation on Elements? ok ^^

Elements are listed by Fire, Water, Dark and Light as ive said before! for each element u have a Fairy (like Fairy of Fire, Fairy of Light, etc...) these fairies, once equipped, will enhance the correct elemental power of ur skills, so dont try using a Dark Element skill with a Water Fairy equipped -.-' lol its pointless... Fairies also have Percentage of they're elemental power (%), i'll explain... as long as u equip ur fairy she will grow in power!!! this is awesome and it does not depend on the experience u get, fairies only grow on your Kill Counts, (the more u kill, more the fairy will grow), when u get a regular fairy she will start as 0% elemental power and will grow to a maximum of 50% (but dont worry with the 0% its not that truth!, the guys that made nostale were very smart, cuz when u start equipping a fairy at 0% ur skills will already have an increase! u'll feel it ^^)

More about elements? ok o.o

well i have to say that there are opposite elements! like... they are more effective depending on the element ure fighting, Fire oposites Water as water oposites Fire, they are both effective to each other, same happens to Dark <=> Light and vice-versa

How to explain better? hmmm its like...

Dark is Strong against Light, while Light is Weak against Dark.... but Light as well is Strong against Dark, so Dark is Weak against Light... same happens with Fire and Water, but not with Light and Fire or Water and Dark (only half damage)

Classes? humm 3 ^^

there are 3 classes! (i wish there were more T_T)

Archer for Long Range Bow as main weapon (need arrows), Close Range Dagger as secondary weapon

Swordsman for Close Range Sword as main weapon, Long Range Crossbow (need arrows) as secondary weapon

Magician for Long Range magic Staff as main weapon, Long Range Magical Gun as secondary weapon (both weapons need MP usage)

all classes can be averagely strong if they are well used and have skills well chosen, also good fairies (also main weapon of all classes is always stronger than their own secondary weapon, unless u have an ultra upgraded second weapon and a low rate main weapon -.-')

How can Fairies be gotten? easy ^^

simply do Time Stone Space (or TS, how all community calls it) of the correspondent level to have one of each element, buy from another player for lowest price of 50k or either buy from NosMall (real money)

How can i get Specialist cards? well i will make it simple... how to, the class, order of getting and the element... sorry wont tell where to find the mysterious stones cuz is too painfull to get the names of places, its not that hard to find and u can ask someone in game to escort u there, only tellin simple things ^^

How to? simply just find a Mysterious Stone on a map (u need a lvl requirement to get in the Stone, i'll list down... :P)

the class order of getting and all info about EVERY class specialist card (not counting skills XD)

For Magician: (regular cards)

-1st Card > Red Mage > Fire Element main weapon transformation card - Typical dmg dealer and element buffer card

-2nd Card > Holy Mage > Light Element main weapon transformation card - Typical healer and support card, dark element pwner!

-3rd Card > Water Mage > Water Element main weapon transformation card (this card not very useful and very criticated by community mages) - Typical dmg dealer and element buffer card

-4th Card > Dark Gunner > Dark Element second weapon transformation card - Typical dmg dealer and element buffer card

For Swordsman: (regular cards)

-1st Card > Warrior > Fire Element main weapon transformation card - Typical Tank and dmg dealer card

-2nd Card > Blade (Also well known by the community as the Samurai card) > Water Element main weapon transformation card (this card not very useful as well, only if u use it for PVP as this card has a fast skill cooldown and is fast at casting) - Typical dmg dealer, self buffer and speedy card

-3rd Card > Crusader > Light Element second weapon transformation card - Typical HP/MP increase buffer, 1 heal skill (very sucky 1), dark element pwner!

-4th Card > Berserker > Dark Element main weapon transformation card - Typical dmg dealer card and self buffer card

For Archer: (regular cards)

-1st Card > Ranger > Water Element main weapon transformation card - Typical dmg dealer card and speed up buffing card

-2nd Card > Assassin (Also well known by the community as the Ninja Card) > Dark Element second weapon transformation card - Typical dmg dealer, Stealther (hide in the shadows) and Poisoning card

-3rd Card > Destroyer > Fire Element main weapon transformation card - Typical dmg dealer and Trap Setting card

-4th Card > Wild Keeper > Light Element main weapon transformation card - Typical dmg dealer, Self Buffer card and only the most pwnage card ever made by Nostale co.

For All Classes: (extra cards)

-1st Card > Pajamas Card > No Element main weapon transformation card - Typical fun having, used in some Events and worse card EVER to fight with

-2nd Card > Jajamaru Card > Fire Element second weapon transformation card - Typical dmg dealer, useful only for Stealth Mode if ure not an archer with Assassin Card and for Raiding KFC or Namaju Raid to get Princess Sakura as your partner... also usually Girls think this Jajamaru card is cute and Boys usually think it looks Gay lol i consider that Gay is the best answer xD! Ohh!! one more thing... this is the only card that, even if ure a boy or a girl, u will always look like the same... Jajamaru -.-'

-3rd Card > Chicken Card > No Element dunno what weapon transformation card - Typical stupid chicken card... did i say that pajamas was worse card ever? OMFG im SO SORRY i actually lied cuz this one is even worse -.-' usefull for nothing at all and only has 2 skills! not to mention its kinda hard to get....

Either if cards look bad to u, u should in all ways get all of them cuz they will be useful in some way to u. so.... never say "i dont need that card" ^^

As ive told before... there are Mysterious Stones where u get in when your Level is correspondent or higher to the required, when ure inside the stone ull find another stone like the one before XD but this one will give u a quest... this quest will concist in some tasks and completing some TS that the spirit of the stone will ask u to do, after u complete them u will be prized with a card license, but before u equip the card... u must make sure your Job Lvl fits the requirement!!! lets make this sure some paragraphs down...

List of the Requirements to Start a card quest of each Mysterious Stone:

for questing is just needed the regular lvl, job lvl will not be required for questing... also, for all classes the requirement is the same and as uve seen before ive ranked them in list as 1st card to get, 2nd card to get, 3rd card to get and 4th card to get... this means in all ways u cant change the order of the card that u will get

So for the Regular Cards:

- 1st Card Quest is made at lvl 36+ and the Card can be equipped at Job lvl 20+ (no regular lvl requirement to equip)

- 2nd Card Quest is made at lvl 46+ and the Card can be equipped at Job lvl 35+

- 3rd Card Quest is made at lvl 56+ and the Card can be equipped at Job lvl 50+ (ull think ive deceived myself but i didnt, the game really is made like this, the job lvl requirement for this card should be 45...)

- 4th Card Quest is made at lvl 66+ and the Card can be equiiped at Job lvl 55+ (and now u see how theres a difference of 5 job lvls between this card and the one before...)

And for the Spare Cards:

-1st Card Quest is made at lvl 27+ and the Card can be equipped at Job lvl 10+

-2nd Card Quest is made at lvl 45+ and the Card can be equipped at Job lvl 38+

-3rd Card Quest is made at lvl 20+ and i dont care what Job lvl lol this card sucks


Pros and Cons about Nostale?? oookk... ill tell u my opinion -.-'

Pros :D

1 - One of the best communities i have ever had the pleasure to play with (unless that u will be called nub a lot, but thats the same in all online games -.-')

2 - Best GMs ever (theyre attenctive, helpful, funny, etc...), no bots NEVER found one in almost 3 years of playing cuz GMs always get in time of everything

3 - Excelent Quest System cuz u have quests in ALL lvls, so ure always entertained and if u run out of quests u can go get more :D talking to NPCs, also u dont have to bother to get some quests... i mean that they automaticaly come to u ^^ i love it

4 - Original Card system, its not that like RO or Solstice, cuz nostale is able to change between cards and have new skills, new power FULL FLESHED and use the better card and element for the best situation, also there is proper Card lvl and upgrades to get wings

Cons D:

here i must confess everything i dont like about nostale :/

1 - At a certain lvl it becomes very hard to lvl up, even questing

2 - Also becomes a Grinding game which is sad, but tho u wont get bored at all cuz theres always stuff to do on nostale like Raiding ^^ and u can always have fun with your cards ^^

3 - The GMs are very very very sever... i mean like if u do something out of the game rules ure automatically suspended for a period of time or even banned (will tell sad story about this)

4 - Some stupid nubs like to KS (Kill Steal) all the time -.-' (to those who dont know... Kill Steal is like when ure fighting a monster and someone, usually higher lvl, comes and kills your mobs on purpose, they keep being mean and provoking u) thats a lot like the Nostale comunity, but not everyone... actually, some people may help u ^^ leading with those nubs -.-'

Reason for me to leave nostale once and for all: (pls read this all)

i actually have a cousin who liked the game i was playing, which was Nostale, he's 1 year younger than i, but he wanted to come on my account to see and use my character, a swordsman, well known as YslsRenewed by that time and... when the GMs found out that he was comming on my account and i was going on his... they banned me from Nostale cuz account sharity is not allowed... reason? well... in their opinion, if u give ur account to someone it will be for the other player to help u in some way... like passing u a TS u couldnt get through or anything else... and that wouldnt be fair for other players!... let's consider that i was very bad at playing Nostale and my best friend, by chance would be the best player in game, if he helped me... it wouldnt be fair!!!

they deleted my 3 years account and all the real money that ive spent on it, was all in vain... T_T and i dont wanna make it all back again

so lets see if u all are understanding... pls NEVER break a rule on Nostale cuz it will mean ban mostly for sure!!!

and for so dont do like all other players... PLSSSS read the Nostale rules at the official website, than u wont break any by accident and i wish u all to become the next best players ^^

never give your account to anyone... not cuz he/she is not trustworthy, but because u may become the next banned character and that is totally unnecessary

This Info Guide was made only by me and belongs only to me

i am Ysls, in the internet everywhere u see an Ysls it will surely be me... only if someone steals my name -.-' cuz i am Ysls for more than 6 years D:

pls also give the Link for this page for all the Newbies u see on Nostale cuz this is a very useful guide (in my opinion) and it is very well explained and well made ^^

also pls post replyes with coments, all i need to get this Guide better and any doubts will be answered ^^


Edit: All fairies info on dont remember the day i did XD

Edit: "What are cards?" on 21st May 2009

Edit: Some English corrections :3 on 9th October 2009

*Just because this Guide was Posted on 28th April 2009, doesnt mean that I dont look at it anymore... any doubts will be answered just post* (9th October 2009)

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