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Unarmed combat?

savaragesavarage Member Posts: 17

Will there be unarmed combat meaning things like punches, kicks, grappling, throws, pins or more mystical things like pressure points, and Ki attacks (replace Ki with any force applicable to your worlds fiction)?

If yes will there be different martial art styles or even better make your own style from the basic skills (as above).

I'm asking because I've always enjoyed playing the hand to hand master who can disarm six men in an instant (this example is of couse a really high level/skill).

Also if it is included will it be equal to other weapon choices (i.e. if played smart you will do as well as other weapon weilders).


  • JatarJatar Member UncommonPosts: 348

    Well, not exactly.  Much of the combat details have not been released, but I will tell you that weapons are important in more ways that doing damage, so you'll want to have them.  Therefore, though we might have combat moves like a special kick, you will still want to have weapons.    We'll release more information on combat much later.

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