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Half-baked review mystery solved

bmdevinebmdevine Member Posts: 429

Ah, this would explain the sudden appearance of so many half-baked reviews:



  • Or you could have read my reply in an earlier thread. You know, whichever. I'm tired of it and I'm going to make a thread for this because the spam is shameful at best.


    e: These are in fact legit reviews, from people who love the game. Granted it was done in a shameful at best fashion, good reviews are just that, good reviews. If you go to rottentomatos, for instance, and see that 97% of the people absolutely LOVE movie A, are they all Half Baked reviews? Once again, I grant you the people have went about this in a terrible fashion, but each individual wrote up their own review for this (there was no template), so keep that in mind when reading or simply skipping over.

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