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Ace Online Review (9/10)

mixedsoulmixedsoul Member Posts: 3
  • Fun Game!


  • Yes, you get to level up, allocate your stats, enchant weapons, set up sell or buy Shops, make Brigades(clans/guilds). Engage in large wars between 2 Nations (ANI vs BCU).

  • This game may take skills, such as if your playing counter-strike.

  • Easy to to pick up, especially with people in game like me to help new players.

  • Graphics 9/10. Sound 8/10. Server (lag) 8/10. Overall 9/10, Great game.

  • And I have been playing for 6+ months now, and there are still others in the game playing for 2-3 years coming from Air Rivals or Space Cowboy Online... and I still very addicted.
  • Give it a try!






  • movindudemovindude Member UncommonPosts: 127

    If you could change the name of this game what would you call it?

  • mixedsoulmixedsoul Member Posts: 3

    Maybe you give a little more details on why it should be called Ass Online.

  • bmdevinebmdevine Member Posts: 429

    What I want to know is what the company is offering to post these "reviews."  Seriously - at least 4 or 5 have popped up so far this week, all with nearly the exact same title.  I don't know whether it's a good game or not, but this type of activity is bound to make people wonder whether there's something fishy going on. 

  • mixedsoulmixedsoul Member Posts: 3

    Its not something fishy, once you give it a try and register you will see what is is about...

    and its the players that do play this game, have fun, would make posts like these.

  • clone10thclone10th Member Posts: 7

    Ace Online is heavily based on grinding and PvP. The missions aren't that great either, as it's mostly just killing stuff. The PvP, I suggest you don't do any PvP until you reach a certain lvl and have decent equipment. And the learning curve is pretty easy, the controls are simple and theres even an FAQ ingame. They could really use a new game engine and over haul but I don't think the original developers have the resources for it.  And what really makes this game fun is the PvP but it might leave some people a bit disgruntled.

  • Actually, ACE Online is my favorite localization of the localizations that exist. ACE is an acronym for [Aerial Combat Extreme] Online; compared to such classics as Space Cowboy Online and Air Rivals lol. I like it as is. If you've played the game movindude, how would you change it?

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