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ACE Online - Review

LynxJSALynxJSA Member RarePosts: 3,186

Neat dogfight like combat. Aging graphics. Was fun for a few weeks but then seemed pretty repetitious.


Evidentally they are doing some major push on the PvP content, which explains the regular shill posts you see popping up here.




  • bmdevinebmdevine Member Posts: 429

    I see three posts today with pretty much this same name from different posters, and I'm not trying to cast aspersions, but it makes me wonder whether the company that made this game offering some sort of reward for making posts about it purporting to be reviews.  Obviously this person's not trying to hype the game, but what's going on here?  Does the PvP push referenced include some sort of incentive for shilling?

  • Well, the company just launched their Ad campaign (for ACE Online anyways), and they wanted help from the players to get the word out about ACE Online. Naturally this involved rewards, and people want said rewards, so they post reviews for the game at various sites geared towards games and their reviews. Naturally the only people doing this are the people who love the game, so it's a little... overwhelming... I'll admit, especially since the period is over a very short amount of time for the rewards. It really is a great game, and I hope people don't get turned off by this kind of thing (although I have a feeling they might). As you can see, I've been here far longer than the past few days trying to get the word out, so at least you know I'm not motivated out of wanting a reward. I was kinda hoping that everyone would post it in the Review Thread, instead of just spamming... but I can't do anything about it here.


    The game's real purpose is a PvP game though, and that's where it shines. Too many MMO's (in my opinion), are grind centered, and as far as skill goes, it's all based on where to point and what to click. Sure, strategy is there, but ACE is really a lot more in depth than that. You literally control everything about your gear. Speed, height, turn angle, barrell rolls, and the like are completely controlled by you, and the grind just gives you more levels and stat points, as well as giving you higher leveled gear. In the game, PvP is a lot more skill dependent than gear/level dependent, which, combined with the flight sim feel as well as the MMO Nation vs. Nation aspect, make it one unique game, which has been the focal point for just about everyone who loves the game. Take out the PvP, it's just a grind game, like so many others. WITH PvP though, it's a completely different game (there is no penalty whatsoever to killing other nation members. It's encouraged as they drop things called killmarks, used to make things. Duels records are shown if you wish, and there's no penalty for losing).


    Really, the game is quite commonplace without the PvP aspect, and it's just a grind MMO if you don't. The GM's did implement a function to make everyone level faster, so it doesn't take too long to get into the warring range (5x-6x), and really experience how fun the game is. So while there have been a lot of posts recently (and NOT in one thread unfortunately, I hope someone can merge them all into one topic, but I don't know how your forums work compared to ours), each and every one of them was entirely written by the person who posted it, and it's how they personally feel about the game. They all (or most, I haven't read all of them) mentioned in some way the PvP aspect, because it's so central and so unique in making the game what it is. I hope everyone who gave this game a bad review played it where they could at least experience ONE Nation vs. Nation battle (and there's at least 5 a day, not including the weekly ones) before judging it.

  • zaonvaanzaonvaan Member Posts: 1

    This game is fantastic. I recommend this game to anyone who wants to experience a grat pvp game that is based on not level but skill. The GM support is great also, they help support players in-game and outside. In-game GM's help support the heavy and long journey of grinding by giving experience events, item bonuses and more. This game made me quit all others and got me sitting on the edge of my chair with the epic dogfights. this game will go far!!!

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