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556 Deadkont's PC forum. All you need to know about building a PC

Dreadknot357Dreadknot357 Member Posts: 148


I have been on these forums for a while now reading and biting my lip.... but I cant stay silent anymore

I have seen some of the worst PC advice i have ever seen on these forums, and people have been lead down the wrong path. Wasted money on bad Gaming PC Advice

So from now on if you need any help building a PC you can post here Me and my guild will offer PC building Advice and tech support on anything we recommend.

From what to buy to how to build and Overclock

We will monitor this form Day to day and help out.

We don't claim to know it all and can admit when we are wrong.

We will never recommend something we have not done.

We will offer the best advice you will get on these forums


Our PC background


Dreadknot's Bio

Built 30+ PC in my life...All for gaming

Have been playing Console and PC games for over 15 years now

I upgrade my personal PC every time something new comes out. (I'm an addict)

I am not bias if something comes out that i usually don't support i will give it a try. (if its better i will go with it. its all about gaming for me. I don't care what i use as long as its the best.)

As well as i own over 300 games and have played them all . that helps knowing what is needed for games that you want to play


Sir_Drip's Bio


Built 70+ gaming PC's

Work in a PC company's Assembly line

I read and tinker with PC's all day.

I have been  PC 3D gaming sense DOOM

I love to beta Test drivers and install and uninstall things (because i can)

PC Addict



IF we don't get you here go to our site and hit us there for Quicker help www.55six.com

We are doing this to help save you money and get back to gaming. And we are bored.


Dreadknot Approved

Sir_Drip Approved

"Beauty is only is only skin deep..." said the AMD/ATI fan. "Blah..Thats just what ugly people say..." said the Intel/Nvidia fan. You want price / performance, use the dollar menu..

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