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Cull the Weak Empire PVP currently recruiting.

Rage9999Rage9999 Member Posts: 1

Newely formed corporation by veteran eve players of several years looking for people interested in highsec pvp. This includes but is not limited to, wardecks, extortion vie wardecks, wormhole incursion, can flipping, and shooting flashy flashy. This corp is focused around small gang PVP. NO BLOB wars... and NO tower shooting!

We are not mercenaries per say, as we prefer straight up pewpew to station camping, but wouldn't oppose taking a lucrative contract now and again.

As we are a new corp, we are specifically looking for players in the 0:00 to 6:00 eve time zone.

Requirements -

- Willingness and Want to PVP and destroy other people's internet spaceships.

- Ventrilo client, and working microphone.

- SP requirement - Currently waived, however, no free trials.

- Not be a smacktard

What we offer

-A small tight knit corp with a vision for small gang PVP

-Training and advice for newer players.

-Targets to shoot, burn, maim, kill.

Killboard and Forums forthcoming.

First war goes hot in 12 hours, get in on the pewpew today!

Join Channel CULL-PUB ingame or drop Fogg (myself) an evemail.

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