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im venting about the four most short lived mmo article :)

lordessedesslordessedess Member Posts: 56

Tabula Rasa is THE best game ive ever played it could have easily outstripped WoW .....but it didnt because in my opinion NCSoft skimped on the advertiseing (which is what i think is the REAL reason it "died" so fast). everytime i told someone about it it was always "ive never heard of it " then id tell them about it and itd be all " wow that sounds cool ill check it out"  or "awesome ill give it a look" but since it's exsistence never came to be widely known (once again all ncsofts fault) noone even knew about it to even give it a chance. *sigh* and the only reason i stopped playing before the whole "play for free till its canceled" thing is cause , well i was broke lol. i think they should have given it another year and tried to get it out there so people would know about it.

       "My torqueshell rifle know no remorse for the bane nor the neph" --Lordessedess



  • IsturiIsturi Member Posts: 1,509

    You SHOULD of open this THREAD in the Tabula Rasa FORUM. But hey np anyways I agree 100% I wish I HAD enough money for I would be VERY tempted to buy the RIGHTS to the game and present it to the PUBLIC the way it should of been.

    I have a WISH that someday we may see this MMO again. BUT I know prob wont happen.


  • SanitycoreSanitycore Member Posts: 8

    I have never heard anything good about that game...


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