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My Suggestions for "The Old Republic"


Everyone should start out as Ewoks gathering buckets of apples and avoiding monsters in the forests of Endor. Other classes and races should be unlockable depending on how many apples you gather and how many and what types of weeds you pull in Ewok gardens.

Only then will players unlock other races/classes. These in turn will require other secret quests to unlock more races and classes. Note that as more people unlock non-Ewoks, we will make the secret quests harder and more numerous.

Once you open your new race/class, your interface will random...for no apparent reason.

Based on studies done in Sony's Star Wars Galaxies, we've concluded that players love interfaces that don't interface. So expect it here. The interface might also remind you of other, more profitable games that shall go unmentioned here. 

That said: you'll need a group to do even the easiest thing in TOR. Although one NPC Bounty Hunter massacred hundreds of you and your friends when you were Ewoks, you'll find that nothing short of a small army will take out the lone, physically disasbled Ewok NPC you'll find wandering the planet. Don't have a medic? You're screwed. We're trying to enforce a community here.

There will be frequent updates, many of them screwing over the powers/equipment you worked your ass off for. Please note that you have our most sincere apologies in advance (but don't expect us to stop or anything.)

Only unbiased, non partisan, company approved members will be allowed to moderate our boards. We encourage diverse opinions which is why we'll be blanking any posts that disagree with us or our company policies. We care about your concerns so you'll understand when we don't listen.


*For Humor Purposes Only*


  • TillerTiller Member LegendaryPosts: 10,409

    lol to late, SWG beat them to this idea hahaha.

    SWG Bloodfin vet
    Elder Jedi/Elder Bounty Hunter
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