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Why ubers quit the game if is good ?

liumlium Member Posts: 138

As i was acused by MA fans present on this web site (desperetly posting latly) to be banned from EU and so not be able to present fair opinion about Entropia i took as example someone that played the game from the beginning and always profited in Entropia. I was sad the day he quit as it is real good person !

This is what he says about EU (he is not banned, and he made profit hunting) :

" well, again: why the game now has to be 100 times more expensive to actually play it, than it was between 2003-2004? Its not like it became 100 times better. "

" What to do with the $250 ?!?. Its depends very much in what country you are.

You guys in Europe are very lucky because you barely felt any crisis.

Pham in RL (who is happy for keeping his $500/mo salary and not going through the door like 1/3 of his workmates) would most likely to spend them on following items:

1. good water filter

2. about 750 12 cal. ammo

3. field medicine bag


Since 2005, for him EU is only a place to take money out. Because it feels like a job. Real tedious one, like sticking marks to the envelopes. Why give your money to a company when all that they do is annual nerfing, leaving pretty much anyone screwed ?! "

Now why will he think this if is not TRUTH ?

And i knwo 7 of realy close friends that quited at uber lvl becose Entropia is NOT Project Entropia any more.

Now alpha and else go acuse him of the same thinks you are acusing me…

Original post (read the all pages) :


As you can see not old news posted as of to day.

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