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Robot Sneak Attack at East Scylla Mountains

AlphaGeekAlphaGeek Member Posts: 190

Beginning last night, the robot forces began another push to take Calypso from human control.

Reports began coming in of massive robot spawns in the area of East Scylla, and global chatter indicated that advanced generation robot models unseen since Robot War II were indeed on the planets surface and being engaged and defeated by elite colonist militia units. Models encountered included Drokas, Defenders, Legionares, Eviscerators, and Warlocks.

Unlike the previous attack, no advance warning came from the Calypso Defense Force commander, or the Robot Defense Institute. Colonists were completely taken by suprise, but quickly mobilized to defend the planet. 

Updates to follow as more information becomes available.



Alpha AG Geek
Founder- Manticore Society

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