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best eudemon

ffeyerffeyer Member Posts: 4

piggy is the best as an overall eudemon because it has MD PD and PA.

piku is the best choice when it comes to defence eudemons becuase its main stats are PD and MD and has the highest max def stats.

PA wise piggy has the highest max stats with carli behind it. however carli's atk will grow faaster when composeing then a piggy's stat will so its all about how you want to attribute your char.




  • papapiepapapie Member Posts: 3

    bruce are decent they develop faster then a piggy would due to it only haveing 2 main stats however its magic attack is quite low initially. it only has 134-224 Matk Max of course by reborning it these stats will get substantially higher when the eud is of higher lvl but you are going to have to put quite a bit of diamonds into this eud before it becomes a solid asset

  • aseveaseve Member Posts: 2

    Yeah but i figure when i use level 60 weapon i will get 500 MA and around 8K Pdef from one Eud.. thats pretty good for a permanent Eud. The second eud will be more versatile but permanent extra MA will be awesome.. and more useful than a dumb Lambo

  • kiduokiduo Member Posts: 4

    8K mdef from 1 eud O.o how u gonna manage that without like 500 rb's

  • deaththekidsdeaththekids Member Posts: 1

    500 rbs

    Ps. PDef

    the reason i would use Bruce over Piggy is that piggy doesnt have MA...


  • kazilakazila Member Posts: 1

    oh hahah. well good luck xD

    after you get quality 1 the rate at which your eudemon grows slowly starts to decline from what i can tell. i still have been composeing my maowu but wow is it going slow now. after i get my wep to lvl 69 it will be a bit better however cause then i can max my eudemons extra stats.

    for some reason though my eud has 0 mdef but i notice that it still gives me some mdef when i have it equipped. i was thinking of suggesting that all euds be able to have stats of every origin just in a low variable

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